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I am using the new Sonos app on iOS and there seems to be no way to add songs to Sonos or Tidal playlists from the app. Is this really true or am I missing something? Is it up to the music services to do something? 


If true, this is HIGHLY disappointing as it was the primary way to build playlists between using the Sonos app and Tidal playlists - which I also use the latter outside the home. Please fix!


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Don't worry you are not alone. I have the same issue now on Android after the app was overhauled. I can no longer add songs to my already vast playlist  library built up using the Sonos app via Tidal. All it allows me to do is favourite songs for Sonos or add to the Tidal library that does not add it to any playlists or to the default Tidal likes playlist

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I'm having the same issue on Android app :( cannot add new songs to my existing playlists on Spotify. Sooooo frustrating :( 

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Same here. Can´t delete the songs om any playlist. Extremely shit to have to only go by Tidal playlists when you have fixed a good library of songs.

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I can’t even see my playlists on the new Sonos app! I want to go back to the old one!

It’s an absolute diagrace. It seems everybody is talking about alarm and sleeptimer. But other key functions like that disappeared too.

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Who makes these decisions? I’ll most probably just delete the app now, was perfectly fine before!

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I can’t add songs to my existing Sonos playlists as well using an iPad.  This is absolute crap how Sonos could rollout a hunk of junk like this.  I’m absolutely stunned at how worthless this app update really is.

I am having the same issue. While my playlists are available and functional, I cannot add songs to them. What is tge problem? It worked perfectly well before now the only options are "Add song to my music" or "remove song from my music. Please fix this. 

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Why can’t I even see or access my playlists? I notice that nobody from Sonos support is replying?!

I have been a Sonos customer since the beginning. I wrote the CEO three times the day the new app came out. I have never been so disgusted in my life. No song search no ability to add a song to a playlist buggy as all get out and so un user friendly. It isn’t just a matter of figuring it out, it just isn’t there and it completely stinks, I don’t know who was responsible but I feel sorry for them.

I am sooooo disappointed in this update! It’s so hard to navigate. The worst part is I can’t manage or add songs to my Spotify playlists!! This is a terrible feature!  I have 6 speakers in my house. I will sell them all and go to something else if this isn’t resolved. And I used to have the tune in availability to listen to NPR and listener supported radio. Looks like I have to pay for that now?

This new Sonos update is terrible and very user unfriendly. Now I cannot add songs to an existing playlist created within Sonos! You also can’t delete songs within an existing playlist, you cannot create a new playlist and the search function is garbage as it doesn’t allow you to search via Artist, Album, Song or Station and when search is complete a bunch of non related info comes up which you have to scroll through to find your original search item. The old version was just fine. I am seriously thinking of just deleting this app. I hope they go back to the old version as there seems to be numerous similar complaints! Shame on you Sonos! 

Why is no one fixing this it has taken me 2years of building my playlists now I cant do anything but add songs to favourites this is shocking and so disappointing 

Same problem with Android. The interface between Sonos and Tidal only provides the option to Add to library or Delete from library. I don't think I'm missing anything but it should be intuitive and I've already spent too much time trying to fathom out Sonos shortcomings - and there are many others outside the theme of this thread. 


The old app wasn’t great but was usable. 
The new app is terrible!

I cannot believe that it’s not possible to add a song to a playlist.  But I certainly cannot figure out how to do it!