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Hi everyone


Unfortunately, I updated to the newest Sonos version 80. Eventhougt I read all the bad reviews and therefore disabled auto updates. Stupid I am, I manually then installed the update by accident 🤦🏼‍♂️).



Whatever, is there any way to downgrade to v16.1 again? I don‘t like the appearance at all, everything seems buggy, symfonisk doesn‘t work properly, alarms can‘t be shut off, equalizer is hidden, I don‘t see percentage of volume… just everything is a mess to me.


Is there maybe a ‚testflight‘ version of the old version I could use again? Or any other possibility? I have an old iPhone backup from about a month.. if there is no possibility to revert back I have to swallow the pill, restore the backup even I will lose some data but at least having a proper app again.


I don‘t understand why sonos is releasing such a buggy app :-(


thanks for your help! ❤️

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Hey Hendek, 

as an iPhone user this solution is not working for me! 😞

But thanks for the advise.

Best Regards, Markus.  

Really sorry to hear that.

I am forced to purchase Android tablets (because my clients are all IOS) to solve this issue. I’ll install the older program on the Androids.

I no longer trust Sonos and can no longer recomend their hardware.

No satisfactory comments or explanation from Sonos.  No customer support and an unwillingness to help people.  Who have bought an expensive system in good faith, especially those on iOS who can’t unfortunately downgrade.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they actually took notice of the problems and complaints on social media, and maybe in do the right thing allowing us to downgrade?  What happened to “the customer is always right”?  I certainly won’t be buying more equipment from Sonos.

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SONOS Please return  the S2 app to the IOS App Store for those of us who want to downgrade! The new 80 App version is a disaster. if you don't want to lose customers long term do the right thing. 

Hello all,

I like everyone else here could not use the new app. Many serviced stopped working (just a “something went wrong” error) when trying to play, even after re-authorizing. So just to be able to listen to the services I want to, I had to downgrade (thank you for the instructions). However, after the downgrade my 2 Sonos One speakers have the wrench icon and in the system it says “needs an update” and it is forcing me to update the app. I read elsewhere that the new app did not update the FW in the speakers but my experience is that the speakers got updated and now I cannot play to the Sonos Ones. The Ikea Symphonisk speakers work fine, unfortunately those ones are in the shop and not in my office where the Ones are located. Has anyone else had this issue? I can’t play some services with the new app but I can’t play anything to the Sonos One with the downgraded app?


*** UPDATE ***

I tried to load my Windows Controller to see what the situation was and it required an Update to do anything so I was forced to “update” but this was not to the actual controller but rather it did an update to the Sonos Ones and left the controller alone. Now the Ones show up in my downgraded 16.1 Controller on my Android without any issues. So annoying that the android Controller was forcing a software upgrade to do a FW upgrade? Anyways, I hope this is useful to someone else who has the same issue.




As an iOS user, I have deleted the app and now use aircasting directly to my sound system (receiver and a few Sonos 5 speakers) from the native app (e.g. podcasts, music, books, etc.). It’s not perfect but at least I can skip ahead/rewind as needed.

I wish I read this thread before updating. Holy crap it’s bad. I have a dedicated iPad I use for a Sonos controller in guided access mode. It was working perfectly, now it’s unusable. And based on this thread, there is no solution. Guess I won’t be buying additional ports for my additional zones, time to scrap Sonos.