Horrible App Update May 2024

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Another very frustrated customer.  

Accidentally updated the app,  I would normally wait a month or so to let things smooth out,  I know there are usually some teething problems but this is shambolic.  Aside from the features changes, the loss of alarm and sleep functions, I can’t use Amazon,  the app is slow, laggy and throws up “something went wrong” errors every couple of minutes or so.  I’ve spent 45 minutes with an agent trying to get it working,  I had 30 mins of play this morning before Amazon stopped working again.  Theres a 60 minute wait on the helpline and nobody available on chat.

I’ve you’ve yet to update, don’t do it!

Is there any option to rollback to the previous app?

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Just to add still another experience that the new app is unusable. On my iPhone 14 Pro, it does not even let me connect to the playbar, saying I need to authorize lan access. However, it is authorized. Please allow a rollback to the prior app while you work out the problems with this one. I can control the playbar with my Android tablet, not having upgraded the app, but my phone, which is the primary way I use the playbar, is essentially dead.

Truly a complete shitshow of an update.

  1. EQ gone from volume.
  2. Sleep gone.
  3. Alarm gone.
  4. Absolutely shitful interface - could you have got it more wrong?
  5. No ability to ‘downgrade’ to previous release on iOS. That is the icing on the cake.

Its just utter junk. Whoever a) designed it, b) approved it, c) wrote the code and d) finally thought it was fit for release should all be lobotomized.

Simple solution. Sell the Sonos and buy another soundbar. One that actually doesn’t do this to their customers.

Beyond annoyed and frustrated,

Good luck using a long playlist from YouTube, it just scrolls and scrolls the same first 100 songs or so, I will need to create multiple shorter playlists. It worked before someone decided to improve the app by making it unfamiliar, unintuitive and reducing functionality and introducing bugs. Whomever did it, couldn't you have just gone off sick and not bothered.

My entire and hugely expensive Sonos system has simply ground to a halt with the new app. Most of the time the whole system, or individual components, or rooms are not recognised. There is an almost perpetual error message telling me ‘something went wrong’ - no * Sherlock! When I do finally get the odd snatch of music it keeps dropping out. Utterly useless app + great speakers = utterly useless music system


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I use to highly recommend Sonos to all my friends and family. Not anymore. I would gladly switch to a different system if it wasn’t for the fact that I invested thousands of dollars on these speakers.  How did this app even get out of the beta testing. Did anyone even open the new app when they were testing it? Because it doesn't take long to see that it is a joke.  

Anyone looking to buy Sonos, DON”T.  There isn't much people can do that already spent money on Sonos speakers.  At this point,  I will start spreading the word to others looking at Sonos reviews to not purchase them. Maybe that will help Sonos get the message that they should  take care of customers  that already own the product.  

If you haven’t yet, maybe start posting reviews on Sonos to start hurting their sales. Maybe this will get them to respond to this mess quicker.  


The update to the new Sonos app is a real mess. Ever since the update I cannot play my saved albums from Youtube Music, I cannot play many albums from Youtube Music. I always get the message “Something went wrong. Try again.” I rebooted the router and unplugged all Sonos speakers. Nothing worked. Everything was working perfectly before the Sonos app update.

Even the search results from Youtube Music are incomplete and don’t show the same results as my Youtube Music app.

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Rubbish Update, does SONOS actually test anything before release? Roll it back or fix it!

The Sonos on my phone must have done the update without my knowledge. I went to change the station yesterday & the whole app was different. I have lost my music library. I am not able to change the station. All the functions are gone except the ability to start & stop the station. Does anyone have any suggestions? The hold time is 75 minutes to talk to someone