CBC Radio & Music no longer working after Sonos app after update

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 I have CBC Radio & Music in my connected services on the Sonos app. After the app update yesterday it stopped working.

  • I’ve uninstalled this in my connected services and re-installed it, but that did nothing.
  • I checked another radio station (NRK) and that seems to be working fine. 

This is what the app shows when I select my CBC station to play. After selecting “Play” it just spins. 


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I too have been experiencing this problem and spent almost an hour on chat and they said they did all they could there and asked me to call the help line on my phone. Clearly not worth the time do that. I will follow the suggestion of emailing the CEO as for me this was the stream I used the most!

Hello CBC and SONOS,

Please address this upgrade failure at your earliest convenience. We aren’t asking for anything unreasonable… only continuation of the service to which we have become accustomed.

A lack of attention is a lack of interest in your Canadian customers.

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At this point I find myself wondering why Sonos can't resolve a problem that exists only on the new app. The CBC service still works on the old app and just about every other way Sonos can be accessed. As has been pointed out, Sonos is aware of the problem. What is really going on here?

I have the same issue with myTuner Radio. I get an error message every time I try to use it. 

While I can get the CBC streams on TuneIn, that is a horrible experience. In addition to starting with an advertisement, the sound quality of the streams are notably worse. Please fix the CBC streams.

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Wow. Yet another update to the disaster “upgrade” today, and the CBC service still isn't working.

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The Sonos CBC service on the new, much-complained-about Sonos app has now been broken for one week.


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It’s working for me ATM. Is it working for anyone else?



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It’s working for me this morning. I’m happy to have it back.

The app is working for me but it's hard to figure out which one is my local station. I've had to go back and forth between TuneIn to sort it 

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Although I'm happy to be able to play CBC stations from the CBC service today, I can't add them back as favourites in the new app. I had to go back to a device with the old app to add them. Then they showed up as favourites in the new app. Certainly nobody is going to accuse Sonos of making things easy for its customers.

Hey all,

Wanted to let you know I got it working. I went in and fully removed CBC from the app as a service. I then added it back, and it seems to be working.

No radios services working at all since new app. Preffered the previous app, was much more easier to navigate plus this app is very slow. Whilst scrolling down through playlists it'll jump straight back to the top which is very frustrating. As a long time sonos owner, it seems that this app was not really tested before release. 

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No radios services working at all since new app. 

Certainly there is a lot to dislike about the new app, but if no radio services at all are working for you there is something happening with your setup that isn't happening with most people. All the radio services I use are currently playing. While CBC was down, TuneIn and myTuner Radio services were working, and still are. Calm Radio was down for a few days but was fixed.  I've read  complaints about problems with Radio Paradise, but it seems to be working for me. If “no” radio services are working for you, consider re-registering your services or perhaps reinstalling the app.