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People used to complain the Connect:Amp was white.

Always somebody
I don't disagree, but I also see the desire that Magnus Ohlin has, given that his current one is out in the kitchen. I wonder how long it might be before some company comes up with a new set of vinyl covers for it....or potentially someone just does it themselves. Slight challenge around all the holes in the device, but I would think a sharp knife (Exacto style) could take care of that.
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Although I would guess black would way outsell white units, I wouldn't think there'd be much cost to having a white version (but I'm not in manufacturing) and would help sales slightly for those who prefer white and plan on having the unit out in the open. And if you're mounting in a rack, does it really even matter what color it is?

As far as covering the unit, would vinyl be a problem for the heat dissipation? I'd think it would retain heat, but I don't know. Being an amp, dissipating heat would be important, and I don't think it does it by fan IIRC correctly, the concave top is supposed to be a heat sink.

I was going to suggest possibly mounting the unit in a cabinet for Magnus, but heat could be an issue there as well.
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The design with the new black has a far more premium look vs the old connect:-amp

The black is much more prosumer vs consumer white
I'm not a materials expert...but I'd expect that the vinyl wouldn't be a huge impediment. A few percent, perhaps....under the assumption that you weren't covering any vents, etc.

Nor do I happen to be a manufacturing expert (I'm not skilled in a wide variety of things!). Setting up a differing paint run, then all of the packaging and inventory might be why Sonos hasn't done it. I'd agree that I think black would outsell white....someone at Sonos must have numbers as to what the difference between sales of the two numbers are, and what the potential profit to loss doing such a thing would be. I'd assume that's why they've never done a white PLAYBAR, either.

But I still understand the aesthetics argument. Although I have to admit, I have a black PLAYBAR sitting on a white cabinet under my TV set. At first, it was a bit jarring, but after a couple of weeks, my eyes became accustomed to it, and I no longer "see" it. But different people have different tolerances on that kind of stuff.

Gah. Was going to suggest mounting it upside down under the cabinet, but since the simple physics of heat rising, that might not be a great idea either.
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Airgetlam wrote:

But I still understand the aesthetics argument. Although I have to admit, I have a black PLAYBAR sitting on a white cabinet under my TV set. At first, it was a bit jarring, but after a couple of weeks, my eyes became accustomed to it, and I no longer "see" it. But different people have different tolerances on that kind of stuff.

For me, white seems like a strange color for a soundbar or base because it will always be paired with a TV, and I don't think I've ever seen a TV come in white. Even if your stand or wall is in a matching white, your TV will still stand out. But maybe it's just a matter of opinion or perhaps, speaker 'fashion' is different depending on where you live.

Either way, I think Sonos would be wise to have interchangeable color grill covers (or something similar) on their next speakers. Not only would it give customers greater options for fitting speakers into the décor, it also adds another revenue stream for Sonos. And it makes a good gift idea for the family member who's already filled the house with Sonos, yet still wants more.
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I agree with most of the comments. I do like the design and the colour of the black Amp. My only point was that I would like Sonos to add the option of white for those of us that find that fitting. Don't forget that this is exactly what Sonos did with the Sub. Just that it took them about two years to figure that one out (and yes I bought a white Sub) :8
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I know. I didn’t mean to be argumentative. Historically Sonos just doesn’t appear to sell enough of the specialized units to warrant them do two colors. While I’m sure there are people who would much prefer white. They seem to be going for the installer market that previously complained about the connect:amp being white.
I understand that Sonos Amp has Airplay capabilities. Does this mean that I can stream music from my iPhone to the Amp and from there to wired speakers connected to the amp? Or does it mean that I can connect a turntable to the Amp and have it stream the music to Sonos wireless speakers (and if so, can it also stream to other Airplay speakers, like the HomePod)? Or can it do all of the above?

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere. I searched but could not find answers to these questions.
First post! Just ordered the Amp (my first Sonos product). My Amp and Apple TV will be placed in a rack (in a closet). I was wondering if I can still control volume using my Apple TV remote? The AMP won't be able to receive the IR signals from the Apple TV remote but I was wondering if the TV can forward the IR signals to the AMP over HDMI Arc?

Also, my HDMI cable is 50 ft - would that be a problem for the Amp?
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Cable should be fine

And if appletv will adjust your tv volume now it will adjust volume of the amp via arc.
If current Sonos amp reliability is any indicator - I would seriously not bother. Unreliable and buggy.
I’m going to be using the new Sonos amp with a pair of bowers and Wilkins floorstanding speakers along with the Sonos Sub. I already know you can set the crossover frequency manually for the Sonos Sub, but does that apply to the tower speakers as well. Basically what I’m asking is if I set my Sonos subwoofer to 60hz crossover, will my speakers play everything above 60hz and let the Sonos Sub handle the lows, or will my speakers play full range, with my Sub also playing frequencies below 60hz aka double bass? I’d like to have the option to do both to see what sounds better but I haven’t seen it mentioned

It’s not mentioned in the Amp documentation, but I think the Amp will take whatever manual crossover setting you’ve set on the attached Sonos sub and play everything equal and below that frequency to the sub and everything above that frequency to the main speakers. I can’t imagine for one moment it will do both, nor have I seen any such setting to allow that.

You would just disconnect the sub to get the full range playing to the speakers.

I presume the auto default crossover setting for the sub will be 80hz if you choose not to override the setting yourself.

Note the RCA port on the Amp, when a third party sub is used, also automatically sets the crossover frequency too when the port is in use and there is advice in the documentation to remove the actual cable connection from the port when a third party sub is disconnected. That in itself suggests the speakers will only play frequencies above the crossover level.

Hope that helps 👍
I've been wanting to come back to records (as a kid I had a little collection and a player) for years, dreaming of a SONOS connected record player for sometime now. This surely gets me half way now. Just need to choose a player. :8
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Sorry if this has been asked before but if I connect my TV using optical out and hdmi adapter (included with amp?) then is sound in sync for my TV same as using hdmi arc?

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Hi gtrance

Yes, the sound will be in sync. Although you may have to adjust within the Sonos app. That said it's no different than if you were using a Playbar or Playbase via optical. Also, the HDMI Optical adapter does not come standard with the Sonos Amp. It's a $25-USD Sonos accessory.



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