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Introducing S2, New App and OS for Sonos

Introducing S2, New App and OS for Sonos

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So here’s an interesting issue. 

I upgraded my full system to S2, however, due to having some legacy products, wanted to make a split between S1 and S2.

Found out that once individual speakers have been upgraded to S2, they are no longer compatible with S1!!

Tried it with both my Play:1 and Symfonisk speaker, see screenshot. 

Why wasn’t this clearly communicated??




Not sure what you are trying to do here when you say “no longer compatible with S1”.  If you mean an S2 capable speaker cannot be used in an S1 and S2 system at the same time, well yes that was clearly communicated.  If you want to remove a speaker from an S2 system and add it to an S1 system, you first need to factory reset the speaker, then add it to the S1 system.


I am getting full UHD (24 bit/44.1 kHz FLAC) when using Airplay2 to stream to Play5s directly from the Amazon Music App. 

For me the question is what is an alternative to buying sonos speakers now? I want a distribution system which does not need me to upgrade the actual speakers every few years as that looks like the way its going. Am I better off buying a quality amp and using a different service for distribution?

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For me the question is what is an alternative to buying sonos speakers now? I want a distribution system which does not need me to upgrade the actual speakers every few years as that looks like the way its going. Am I better off buying a quality amp and using a different service for distribution?

Tricky isn’t it?

I’m going back to hi-fi. I've been listening to a friend’s hifi recently and I’d forgotten how much better it sounds anyway. Streaming, bluetooth etc are no longer the sole domain of smart speakers. You can get plenty of streaming boxes, bluetooth receivers, active speakers that can make up a hifi system that sounds way better than Sonos ever could. Second-hand amps and speakers are often incredible value.

Looking where I’ve got my Sonos right now, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if a few more wires were involved. And do I really need just one controller for the whole house? TBH - no I don’t.  I can invest a bit into the speakers and they will still be producing great sound in 20 years.


Is there still no support for streaming high res? 24-bit, 44.1/48kHz  FLAC was already supported wasn’t it?

Hesitating to upgrade because not sure my Control4 integration will still work afterwards but from what I  understood so no Tidal Master support, only local files: “With S2, Sonos speakers now have support for high resolution audio, 24-bit, 44.1/48kHz for FLAC/ALAC only.  This support is for local music libraries shared from computers and network attached drives.”

@Archidee tested this morning on our Control4 system [Version 3.1.3] running the Sonos (Works with Sonos Certified) Driver [Version 98].  Everything working fine on Sonos S1… performed a system update to S2 and Control4 works perfectly and immediately via Control4.

I would imagine there are many sites where the customer would initiate an update to S2 without any consideration to their Control4 system - nice to know that this integration works seamlessly and perfectly between S1 and S2.

NOTE - Expect Control4 to be mighty confused if you run a mixed S1 + S2 System as I guess you would have two root bridges.

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It seems Sonos seldom fails to disappoint these days. With two systems in two countries, I expected the ability to take advantage of higher resolution streams from the likes of Tidal to be one of the major benefits of the latest Sonos missteps and the ensuing fiasco. And, poof, my expectations have been deflated. At least I won’t be worried about my one legacy device, an earlier-generation Connect, now that there is no compelling reason for me to move to S2. 

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Couldn’t agree more, Toolio - I am absolutely gobsmacked that they haven't added support for Tidal, Qobuz etc and high res. With the fiasco of S2 a couple of months ago the one thing I kept saying to myself was that at least they will be catching up many other companies and finally supporting hi res streaming. I should have known better. I almost admire the stubborn consistency with which this company keeps letting its customers down. 


Seriously, what are the advantages of S2 for most people with their current setups? 


One change at a time, they only have a finite amount of support staff. I’ve now got a split system, works fine for me with a few speaker moves.

Wrong change, wrong time. The number of streamers using Sonos speakers far outnumbers those playing files from their local libraries. Streaming is the present, playing files stored on a hard drive is the past. Most businesses support the majority of their customer base, not the minority. 


In my case i would disagree, i play all my files from a nas drive, don’t have to worry then if the streaming service goes down for any reason.

None of my Play1 works with the new app.  Try to reset 100 times. 

Thank you for killing my systems. So worthless. 
Do not tel my to cerats a new email. So from the 80 s. 


There are some on Facebook suggesting that reversion from S2 back to S1 might be possible. Can anyone confirm please?


At this time, it appears that factory resetting an S2 device allows it to be added to back an S1 system.  However, this is not what it says in the Sonos FAQ, and we do not know how long this will be possible.  

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Sonos fan (mostly) with 19 devices and all now upgraded to S2 compatibility.  Despite the many warnings on the the Apple App Store about S2,  I stupidly ran the “compatibility test” and now the iOS/Win apps require I upgrade to S2 which I had to do.  WOW, EPIC FAIL! 


Start with the visuals.  Gone is eye-strain-reducing black background, now it’s Military Gray, Monkey Vomit Green Infobars, and Baby Poo orange icons etc. 

NO improvements for HD/UHD from streaming services.

And it took over an hour to get the various devices and apps recognizing each other even though S1 was working perfectly for weeks on end! 

And that’s just today! 

Honestly, this LONG AWAITED upgrade is a backward step and so disappointing after the breathless promotion from marketing/management on the promises of the S2 paradigm. 

Amazing hardware, disappointing software/apps (probably contracted out now) and an out-of- touch management team.   

How long will we have to wait till they sort it out?  The reviews on the app store are pretty negative and realistic. 

There are some on Facebook suggesting that reversion from S2 back to S1 might be possible. Can anyone confirm please?


At this time, it appears that factory resetting an S2 device allows it to be added to back an S1 system.  However, this is not what it says in the Sonos FAQ, and we do not know how long this will be possible.  

Thanks. Has that been reported by someone who actually did it, or just people supposing it is possible?


It’s been done by a couple different people.  I have done it myself.

Thanks. Is it reliable enough that it might be a solution for those that have accidentally updated because they wanted to have a look at the S2 app?


Yes.  It’s essentially the same process as adding a brand new speaker.  

12 bits. Around 70dB tops.


But it has a frequency response of zero to infinity! (Or so I’ve been told. :yum: )

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Can we setup a forum for feedback on the new interface?

i for one liked the old GUI with having the current song/ album art along side the queue. Now you either get the fullscreen album art of current song or a queue.  Anyone else agree with me? Also it would be nice when in this new queue format that the current song could be highlighted a little more it doesn’t quite stand out.  Or add its album art like S1😀

ok I just found that you get the combined current album art and queue in landscape mode. Why not the same in portrait? I’m using an iPad. I could see maybe being restricted on a smaller device.


one thing I always posted as  was preserving the current song pointer in the Queue if you switched say to a radio station or a line in (I use play5 as a tv speaker). It would be nice to go back to the queue and resume where you left off. Vs finding that song and selecting it. 

I wish the amazon music menus had the A-Z indexes on the right side so I could jump directly to For example Letter M Songs and not have to scroll forever. 

To Ken_Griffiths and kassey22000:

Your recent posts here give me both shivers and instant heartburn.  My Sonos system is brand new, purchased in the last 30-40 days, and I’ve just recently begun listening to my glorious “whole house” system.  I thought it was just my ignorance or potentially “weak” (it’s not) wifi in my ~2000sf (stick-built) home that was causing all the dropped/disconnected from network issues.  There have been dozens and dozens of times in the past week alone when everything just stops and I have to close out of the app, open it back up, several times, try to force the system to recognize the network again, UGH! 

The sad part is that much of my home is actually already pre-wired, and I could have just stuck with legacy speakers for so much less money.  (I appreciate in advance the Sonos community NOT pointing out how stupid I was to NOT do that...)  I do still have all the Sonos boxes, though...

Your descriptions of what you have both gone through to end up with a “stable” (read “usable”) system are stunningly over-the-top techy, and the idea of hiring a top-end network engineer to come to my house to make my speakers stop dropping off the network is utterly preposterous.  Sonos itself needs to really, truly fix this, or at least offer some restitution to those of us who have been left to deal with their failures.  I’m savvy enough with technology to not give up just yet, but I shouldn’t have to go through these hurdles, especially since from everything I’ve read the old platform worked just fine.

I suppose I will start digging into my network settings using Ken’s descriptions to see if I can create even a moderately more reliable system.  Or, perhaps investigate the return policies of where I bought everything.  I’m not patient enough to have my expensive system keep dropping off the network after an average of about 12 minutes of Pandora streaming.

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Thanks Ken for the reply! Brilliant minds think alike, I purchased two newish Connects S2 capable units off eBay for a fraction of the cost of a new Port. Since my old Connect is S1 once I add the two new Connects I should be able to do some testing on this once my friend brings them down to me here in Colombia. :fingers_crossed_tone2:

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I mean @kassey22000 posted that they worked with Sonos engineers. I bet you’ve been waiting for years to flex your massive matrix in rebuttal. Who u tryin 2 impress smh

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So in summary paying for a Hi-Fi subscription to Tidal, Qobus or Deezer does not make sense because Sonos doesn't support it. 

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Finally I found the solution for Hi-res and MQA streaming compatibility.

It makes me wonder what is different about my 19 speaker system, which is working fine under S2, and yours. Have you followed the recommendation made by nik9669a, in the post immediately before yours? Have you contacted Sonos support for assistance in troubleshooting your system?

My now Sonos S1 controller is lighter now, and I can no longer play XM nor can I update for new Sonos app. I just want to play my xm on all of my speakers. I have a play:1, a Play:3, 2 Play :5 and sub (for TV), as well as a bar and a boost. What’s the deal? This has been nothing but a pain for the last year or so. My late husband used to trouble shoot, but I have had it.

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So I got a Roam.  It only works with S2 and I didn’t want to break my S1 setup, so I thought I’d use is as a separate system - just portable.  And this worked at first and sounded surprisingly good.  The next day, the S2 app couldn’t find my “system”, so I let it “look for it” and it proceeded to, with no warning, update all my S1/S2 components to S2 breaking my setup while also never finding the Roam.  And it looks like I cannot use the software to “downgrade” (repair) the chaos. I’ll probably have to reset and reset up most of my system.

“While we don’t recommend downgrading your products to S1 after updating to S2, it is possible to downgrade cross-compatible products by resetting them and adding them to an existing S1 system.”  - even though the S1 app is telling me to update back to S1, then it errors out. Great.  So reset is probably the only option.

It’s actually worse - that quote above is one of several suggested ways to fix things - it doesn’t work.  So then there is the product removal tool:

“Remove products using the removal tool
Open the Sonos S1 Controller app for iOS or Android.
From the Settings tab, tap System.
Tap System Tools, then tap Remove Products.
Follow the on-screen steps to select and remove your incompatible products.”

It doesn’t work either because the incompatible units make the app unusable and it wants to upgrade first, then fails.

So then you are down to: If Remove Products is grayed out or missing, you can remove any products that are not compatible with S2 by resetting them to their factory settings."  I.e., remove power and repower while holding a play/pause button of the link button.

And elsewhere they say “For normal issues, you should not use the factory reset option. This is kind of the nuclear resort that should be done when every option has been exhausted.”  So I’m down to going nuclear and yes, that’s about how frustrated I am with this.

RESET is a pain if any of your units are in difficult to reach places or if you have stereo pairs or if you have eq tuned them or any combination of theses.  And then there’s the Playbase which refuses to reset using the online instructions. Hmm….

All this for trying out a stupid portable speaker. Jesus!  If you have an S1 system and want to keep it, do not bother with any S2 only products - it’s a mess.

Between this and the annoying nag screen on S1 to update to S2 which won’t work for me and that I have dismissed numerous times it seems like Sonos is hell bent on pushing users to S2 to the point of screwing them over and wrecking the S1 setup.  I’m boxing the Roam up and sending it back.  This entire S1/ to S2 mess is the end of Sonos purchases for me - I’ll just ride out what I have until it becomes obsolete or dies and find whatever has moved in to take its place.

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As I understand it, it should not be possible that Sonos “with no warning, update all (...) S1/S2 components to S2”. I'd be curious for a Sonos reaction on this statement,

Thanks for the info 



Running Qobuz via the UPnP plugin for LMS.  Looks like “hi-rez” streaming from Qobuz is working fine, at least this FLAC stream is.  No idea if it’s 24-bit or 16-bit, but obviously would be no difference in the sound.