Sonos please walk away from Alexa she's a bad girl

  • 8 October 2017
  • 26 replies

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What is Sonos doing, its got a great product.
why put it in danger with a second rate voice product.
Amazon only will let you use, what it makes money from. So no NAS drive / Cloud / Pc /Phone music files.
please bring out your own simply voice to Sonos, and you make so money and keep your good name.

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26 replies

Reading all the reviews here and all the trouble I am having hooking up a perfectly beautiful Sonos system to horrible Echo speakers (can't understand half of what she says there is so much echo and tininess in her voice), I'm now patiently waiting for reviewing my purchase. I wonder if Google is better sounding. I know Apple will sound OK, but Siri isn't a lot better than Alexa and it's going to take some time to get Siri up to speed with skills/compatible devices. Everyone has their niches, I just wish the competition between them would make them a little more eager to steal each other's customers and therefore be more compatible: "Just switch all your devices to us, we are compatible with your doorbell, lights, thermostat...."