Sonos Enabling Voice Alexa Troubleshooting Once and for all ( including tools )

  • 27 November 2023
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Greetings Sonos Tech Support,

I feel I lost a few hours of my life troubleshooting sonos and this is making me want to sell all my sonos gear.  It shouldn’t be rocket science and Sonos should provide the tools or better GUI to understand where the problem relies because at the end we are using sonos to activate Alexa. 

I have over 15+ sonos devices, they are all connected to my router, they get allocated via DHCP ( I don’t want to reserve an ip address for each sonos devices), they have been working fine for over 7 years and all of a sudden nothing works. 

My problem is Alexa voice stopped working, i removed it and tried to re-add it and I get the “There was a problem adding Alexa”  I am at a point to consider install alexa puck in each room, not ideal but getting tired to troubleshooting for something that shouldn’t be too hard.  

I don’t want to call sonos support, can you please share the tools to be self-serve, put a big disclosure for extremely advanced users.   Can you share the way to look at the logs files, remote connect to whatever device and explain how to troubleshoot? 

What causes sonos to put the error message “There was a problem adding Alexa”   What are all the reasons that happens, where can I look at the log ?  Where does the problem rely ? (Alexa ? Sonos ?) etc….

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4 replies

This forum is not Sonos support, nor is it a conduit to Sonos support.

Hi jgatie,

Thanks for your feedback.  Well perhaps I have a few goals.  I am bringing awareness that troubleshooting sonos is not easy and challenging. 

How can I get the sonos support and the community to come up with something that helps everyone (including me) on troubleshooting Sonos rather than then “uninstall everything, reboot and pray something goes away” 

Any thoughts ? I should just engage sonos support….right ?



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You might try a volcano and a virgin, getting more access to Sonos internals is the opposite direction of what we have seen since the early days.

Hi Stanley_4

I will contact sonos support, lose few hours of my limited time on this planet to troubleshoot adding alexa voice to sonos devices. 

I haven’t yet ever called sonos, this will be my first time, usually I figure things out by myself using internet information.

thank you for your thoughts