Sonos arc pauses tv sound when I talk to sonos beam in another room

  • 10 February 2024
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I have an Arc for my living room tv and a beam for my bedroom tv.  I have the Amazon Alexa voice turned on for the beam to give commands.  However, when I am watching tv in the living room the sound from the arc pauses for a few seconds any time someone is asking the beam anything.  I do not see any settings in the Sonos app regarding the Arc for this to occur.  This will happen even if the bedroom door is closed and out of audio range of the arc.  Seems like they are connected in some way but cannot figure out why or how.  Any suggestions?


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Hi @Javi5473 

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This lowering of volume is called “ducking”, and it typically only happens on the speaker you are speaking to, and any other speakers that Alexa may think is in the same room. I recommend that you check your Alexa app and ensure that your Beam and Arc are not configured to be in the same Alexa group as each other.

This link should be of assistance:

I hope this helps.

Thanks so much Corry, this worked!