Sonos, Alexa and local NAS stored music

  • 5 October 2017
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77 replies

I think the point being made is not the utterances needed to invoke the skill, or the processing being done client side, but that the functionality of grouping, local library and spotify is possible using code thats been in the public domain for a year, but developers from multi billion dollar companies take a year to release less functionality.

The invocation not needing "ask sonos", and the processing being done back end rather than on a users own server/pc are trivial matters for amazon.

But the whole point is "the utterances needed to invoke the skill, or the processing being done client side". If Sonos actually required you to run a server, or process on your own PC, or say more words than is convenient or necessary, you'd be here screaming about that (Admit it, you would!). Now combine that with the requirement to take all that functionality, streamline it and get it into the cloud, and you see where the problem lies, and it is by no means "trivial". melvimbe's analysis above is conveniently ignored by those who bleat on how "amateurs did it, why can't Sonos???" You would be well served to read it before posting again.
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Plex and Sonos work already. from reading Ryan's answer regarding Alexa and Sonos and a local library - the issue is how will Alexa know what is on YOUR local library?

So there needs to be some place (on a Sonos account in the cloud? on your Plex cloud server? ) with a file listing your local library listings - with at least the library name, the album and maybe the title
that 'file' would have to be accessible and readable by both Alexa and Sonos - so that Alexa can see what you have and tell Sonos and Sonos knows what and where to get it.

I imagine the Plex / Sonos part would not be hard to program... however whether Amazon wants to do the programming for the Alexa / Sonos part would be the question.

however it certainly seems feasible.