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  • 5 October 2017
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I am using an Echo Dot with my Sonos. I can’t seem to turn the volume up or down using Alexa voice command. It says my speakers are not compatible with this command.

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5 replies

Hi there, Kenb2727:

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. Do the other functions of Amazon Alexa work as expected? Have you tried disabling and re-enabling the skill in the Amazon Alexa app? Are there any other speakers that are connected to Alexa?

One other thing you may want to do is check is the Alexa app for your command history. This shows you what Alexa interpreted from your commands. Make sure this command is indeed what you've said.
Hi guys,
Just wanted to jump in on this one.
Have been a long term Sonos user. Liked the idea of integrating an Echo Dot so I bought one today.
It works OK with specific commands - e.g. 'play this album in the living room' but how am I am supposed to play it on all my sonos speakers or more than one?
Grouping is not supported at this time. To play to a group, group using the Sonos app, then tell Alexa to play to any one of the grouped speakers and it will play to the group.
Ok thank you, makes sense. Not sure how to group speakers together since the app upgrade. I tried grouping all into ‘everywhere’ and then asked Aleka to play album everywhere and that didn’t work ...
Hi there, robmadden85: Thanks for reaching out. At the moment, all grouping needs to be done on the Sonos application. Once grouped, the command needs to be given to the room that you grouped everything to.

For instance: I have "Bathroom", "Bedroom" and "Living Room" with a Dot plugged into the PLAY:5 Living Room. Let's say I group the Living Room and Bathroom with the Bedroom. When I give the command to Alexa I will need to say "Alexa, play Barry White in the Bedroom". The command is sent to the Bedroom player and then sent to the grouped speakers.