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  • 20 May 2019
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Hi. I currently have a generation one play5 and play1. They are in different rooms but are grouped. I am looking to replace the play1 with an Amazon Alexa enabled generation 2 play 1.

Will I still be able to group the two so they play as a pair? Don’t want to buy it and then find out that they cannot work together.

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4 replies

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You cannot group, as a stereo pair, a Play 1 and a One. There is an unofficial app that can do this but as it is "unofficial" there is no way of knowing how long it will work for.

But otherwise all speakers can be grouped together so if you buy a One you can just add that to your existing group.
Thank you bockers. I’m unclear on ‘group’ and ‘pairing’. At the moment if I play a song via my app it plays through both speakers. This will still be the case if I upgrade to a Gen 2 Alexa Play1?
A 'pair' is when you configure two like speakers to play as a stereo pair. The two will always play together as a single room, with the same set volume.

A 'group' is playing two rooms together in sync temporarily. You can play the rooms at different volume. You can group any Sonos room with any other Sonos room(s). This is what you've been doing with your play:5 and play:1, and you will be able to add a Sonos One as a third room that can play in sync.

And just to be clear. There is no such thing as a Gen 2/Alexa play:1. The speaker you're referring to a Sonos One (unfortunately similar name). The Sonos One happens to have a Gen 1 and Gen 2, both of which are Alexa enabled. You cannot stereo pair a play:1 and Sonos One together (you can group them), but you can stereo pair a Gen 1 and Gen 2 Sonos Ones together.
Many thanks Melvimbe. Very helpful.