Echo / Sonos Intergration Replacing Line In

  • 5 October 2017
  • 4 replies

I’m currently using the sonos “line-in” auto play so that all audio from an Alexa dot is heard through the sonos. I was hoping to use the Alexa / Sonos integration and remove the audio cable. Is there a way to make sure all Alexa audio is sent to a particular sonos by default? For example, when I ask echo to play jeopardy I want it to be heard through sonos. Thanks!

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4 replies

I have this same question – this would be a really great feature, please add this.
That is not the way it currently works. All interaction is through the Echo, only music sources play over the Sonos. Whether that will change, nobody knows.

By the way, Alexa Jeopardy is cool. Wish you could play an entire game.
inline question : as a user of Sonos Play 5 and the "line in feature", I want to be able to disable to "auto volume down" when giving alexa commands and using the Play 5 as the primary speaker output from my dot.
That's not currently supported.