Alexa voice volume linked to Sonos volume? Need independent control

  • 24 October 2017
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It seems the volume of the Alexa voice is linked directly to the volume of the Sonos One unit. That means if I'm playing quiet music in the background, and I activate Alexa, I can't really hear her voice at all.

That also means if I am playing loud music, after the "ducking" to mute the music the voice is really loud.

The volume should be independent or perhaps some proportional volume of the music.

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61 replies

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Thanks for the suggestion! I'll pass it up to the team for you.
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Yes, please allow voice volume settings separate from music volume settings!
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I vote for this feature as well. It would be very nice to have the Alexa volume set separately so it is always the same volume no matter how loud or quiet my music is.
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This is a very important feature. I have a couple Sonos Ones paired with my Playbar. For whatever reason, the volume they are set at so the TV is loud enough makes Alexa REALLY loud. Not ideal.
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As a new One owner, I came here looking for the answer to this myself. Absolutely agree with the many other requests: an independent Alexa volume control is needed.

Specifically for myself, a nighttime mode of some kind would be especially helpful (and was also previously requested in this thread).

Any expectation or ETA on this update actually happening?
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I'm jumping on this band wagon!

Sonos developers, please make the Voice Assistant volume independent from the Music volume.

Owner of three Play:1, three Play:3, one PLAYBAR, one SUB, a ONE.
Yes, please update to allow independent Alexa and sonos volumes!
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Glad to find that this bugs other users, I'm surprised separate voice (and annoying bong) volume control wasn't part of the original setup. The last thing you want is a shouty Alexa...
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That is correct, but when the ones are added as surrounds the volume is disproportionately louder, than the main volume from the front playbar and Alexa voice responses are ridiculously loud (even worse, it lowers the volume on all the other speakers in the theatre group). It is necessary to have the ability to lower the volume of Alexa independently so she does not blow you ear drums when she activates/responds.

The echo does not have this feature, but it is no where near as bad (and in my opinion not necessary for the echo) as what happens with the Sonos Ones when in a home theatre setup.
Just to add my 2 cents worth... Alexa is way too loud in my Play one for me... Its embarassing: my neighbours can hear Alexa but not the music I’m playing. Don’t have this problem in an echo dot hooked up to a Bluetooth speaker. I appreciate it’s not a simple fix though... other people have said it’s too quiet. I DON’T think a totally independent voice volume will provide the best user experience...better to be able to adjust proportional volume.. ie still have voice adjust with master volume but provide a device setting (or account setting... not sure) that allows you to adjust voice volume as a proportion of master. It should be possible to make this simple to operate (eg Make voice louder/quieter) but in the background it would be adjusting the voice vs
Master proportional volume.
Hi there. First time posting to Sonos Community. Haven't ever had a technical problem with Sonos. We have this differential volume problem too. Using Echo Dot with line-in to Play:5 and Connect:Amp. Autoplay volume works fine for any streaming content, but Alexa's voice is always about 10% of that volume, so we can't hear her at all. If we turn the volume up to be able to hear her, then then the volume of streaming audio is so loud it's potentially lethal!

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. A separate volume setting for Alexa voice would work, as would a proportional volume setting.
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This is one of my 2 annoyances with the Sonos One right now. Hopefully it will get fixed quickly. I guess this is what I get for being an early adopter.
The Alexa voice being way too loud is the worst thing about the One, and perhaps the only area in which it is significantly worse than an Echo. I will return mine if this is not fixed.:@
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Wife said to me last night is there a way to turn Alexa volume down, music was playing at the time she asked Alexa to turn off the hall lights Alexa replies OK which was way to loud. Its hard enough to get my wife to use this tech little things like this will put her off forever. I hope this is able to be fixed.
Thanks for the suggestion! I'll pass it up to the team for you. would love an update on this. The One is an amazing addition to my home system but the inability to set independant volumes is frustrating! 🙂
Hope this is being worked on, it makes the Alexa in a Play One useless unless you constantly adjust the volume.
You really need to get this implemented as soon as possible. Have never used Alexa before so unsure if this this an Alexa issue or the sonos implementation, however the google assistant allows you to set the maximum volume and have a night time mode set on a schedule.
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Need to be able to adjust down the volume of alexa responses, when paired with a playbar as surrounds the volume form alexa is far too loud
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Is there something inherently different in volume level (up to 10) when controlled by Alexa versus direct Sonos control via app? My living room isn't as loud when playing through Alexa versus direct?.....and YES, the Alexa voice prompts are very loud when the Sonos commanded music is loud.
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But you can adjust the volume down on an echo, not so with surround sonos one speakers without it affecting the primary sound playing through the Playbar.
Agreed. Way too loud. Startles the kids. Nothing like turning the lights on and off and having Alexa scream, “OK!”
Agreed; Alexa is absurdly loud and we wind up just keeping the mic muted so she won't randomly come on and yell about things.
I’m having the same problem. I’ve ended up turning off Alexa on the Sonos One and may go back to using an evho dot until Sonos fix the issue
It would be great to hear that they are working on this. Alexa’s voice volume is brutally loud, especially when turning off lights or something with her at the end of the night.
Independent Alexa and music volume a must. I find Alexa very loud. I want my music loud and Alexa low / medium. Please sort this, Sonos.