Alexa issues with Multiple SONOS systems in the same house

  • 25 December 2023
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Dear community members,

I’m living in a 2 floor house in wich I have several SONOS system. Same Wifi available on the 2 floors.

1st floor : ARC, SUB, 2 One + 1 One in the kitchen. ARC + kitchen are connected to ALEXA

2nd floor : 1 Move connected to Alexa, 1 ONE connected to ALEXA, 2 “old” ONE (not connected because not possible when they were launched)

 When I’m in a room in which the SONO is connected to Alexa and request Alexa to lauch radio or Music, Music starts in another room sometimes on the other floor ! 

I get crazy ! And often when I then request to stop, ALEXA doesn’t understand or stops music on another SONO.

Another frequent issue : when I ask a question to ALEXA, it takes sometime more then 30 seconds to get an answer, often nothing happens ! 

More then one year ago, I never faced these issues, even with the same configuration !

Does someone face the same issue ?


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3 replies

No, I’m not seeing the same issue, but it’s possible that your issue is related to Amazon Alexa ‘enabled’ Groups. See attached example of a group, which shows the purpose of each of the three sections in each group. So my thoughts are to perhaps check that your Alexa ‘enabled’ groups are setup and operating as they should be. If they’re incorrect, then other Sonos devices will play if they are controlled by the Alexa product you’re speaking the instruction to.

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Can I just check that when you say multiple Sonos System, do you mean multiple Sonos devices or Systems? The reason I ask is that the relationship between a Sonos System/Account and an Amazon Alexa Account is 1:1.

Hi there,

Sorry for my English, I’m French :-) 

I have 1 Sonos system with multiple devices.

Thanks for your support