Alexa can't find any music artists

  • 28 June 2018
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Hi, i have 3 sonos one in my living room which have always worked perfectly but suddenly Alexa can't find any music artists, only playlists. So when I say Alexa play Metallica, she just reply i could not find any songs by Metallica. I have an English amazon account, and all my devices have an english adress in the alexa app. I think everything is installed correct. Skills as well are correct installed. Please help me get alexa back to normal.

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4 replies


I do not know what happened, but I reconnected all my skills and apparently that has worked, because now she finds Metallica. I did not have to unplug anything, so that is really nice. Thank you for your help.
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Can you please power down these devices in this order, letting each complete their boot sequence before moving to the next

- Router
- Any wired network switches
- Any wired Sonos devices
- All other Sonos devices
- All other connect network devices - Yes I know this is a pain!

I suspect that you have some duplicate IP addresses and the above process will resolve them. If this fixes your problem, I suggest that you reserve IP addresses for your Sonos products in your router settings using the address range of and upwards
Hi, yes i actually did, but the problem started before I got a new Router. I tried to disable and reable the skills, and discovered my devices, but still no Metallica. In the history I can see that she is hearing me correctly.
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Have you booted your Router recently?

Can you open Alexa App>Settings>History and confirm that she heard you correctly? I suggest that you Disable then Re-enable the Sonos skill. Let us know how you get on.