Access to Local Library through new Sonos One?

  • 8 October 2017
  • 7 replies

I understand that when using Amazon Echo (or other device) Alexa won't be able to access your local library, only certain streaming services. Is this same with the integrated Sonos One speaker? Or can I access my local library using Alexa voice control with a Sonos One?

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7 replies

You can not use voice control to search playlists or start play, but you can always use the controller app to access it. Once you’ve told the speaker(s) what to play, you can stop, resume, make softer, make louder, repeat,etc using voice control.

The Sonos One acts just like any other speaker in this regard. It just happens to incorporate a set of microphones that you’ll be able to setup as an Amazon Alexa initially, and potentially other home assistants later on as Sonos and the various companies integrate them.
It is the same. The technical issues are the same. I think we will see other streaming services (certainly Spotify) in a reasonable timeframe, but I wouldn't hold your breath on local content.

Once content is playing, basic control is possible with Alexa.
Thanks both. I thought that was how I was reading it. Seems quite a big gap in functionality for me, especially, as I don’t currently subscribe to any streaming service. Might have to wait a while on upgrading then.
I use my NAS 99% of the time. I've found the functionality provided to be excellent, and poses no barrier to my use. In fact, I'm quite enjoying the ability to control everything but the playlist with voice.
IMO, getting the much cheaper Dot is the way to go unless you need another speaker. It might even tempt you to subscribe to Amazon Music, which is the desire lurking in the Amazon heart!

In recent months I am using a lot of Apple Music and it all works just as well as most of my NAS as far as music content and sound quality is concerned. In particular, downloading playlists to my phone for offline listening in the car is very convenient.

But with Dot/Echo, it would be best to dip your feet first into Amazon Prime Music to get all the voice experience presently available on Sonos.
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I have had success using Pandora. But, would love to be able to use my own local library since it has exactly what I want in it as opposed to what someone else thinks I like.
Might want to look into this app/skill for controlling local media via Alexa. Haven’t tried it, so no idea how well it works.