Sonos Solution for Audio stream on PianoDisk

  • 5 September 2023
  • 3 replies

I Have a Grand Piano that plays with the PianoDisk software.  Some of the tracks have an audio feed as an accompaniment - both voice and instrumental. The Piano location is on the balcony of a two story home.  Looking for the best solution for sound.  My initial thought was a pair of Sonos ERA300’ with the third gen woofer.  Would I need the Sound bar?  I want good bass (woofer). speakers will be placed on carpeted floor under piano so not a lot of spacing.

3 replies

Does this Grand Piano have some sort of digital output? That’s the only way I could see something like this working, when connected to one of Sonos’ home theater products. The simple fact is that if you’re attempting to connect to an analog input, much as the Era 300 has, there’s going to be a minimum delay of 75 milliseconds, which will not sound good, especially for the person ‘playing’ the piano. 

The simple fact is that Sonos doesn’t really make a good ‘PA’ style speaker, all of their equipment is designed to be networked, and subject to that delay. 

You may want to look elsewhere to find what you want. 

Yes it has an analog output from the Piano software to the Sonos.  So you're saying there will be a 75 ms delay with the analog?  The piano plays on its own.  The orchestra plays the audio through the analog output.  There may be a way to delay the piano by the same amount of time.



Yes, there is always a minimum of a 75 Ms delay on any Sonos analog input, mostly in order for the system to be able to sync across multiple ‘rooms’.