SONOS Port conecting to DENON AVR-X2700H

  • 23 December 2021
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I have just received my SONOS Port. I have followed all the instructions and connected the Port to the AVR with the supplier phono lead. I initially had problems getting any sound at all but after I watched a YouTube video tutorial I found out that I had to have Zone 2 selected on the AVR and also have the Port plugged into Phono.

Although this “works” the sound quality is unbearably bad. Also it only plays through the left and right front speakers (I have the AVR setup to my cinema projector and 5.1 surround speakers).

Can anyone help? I would ideally like the sound to come out of all 4 speakers and the subwoofer. Also would like it to be using the aux channel. 


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7 replies

It will sound unbearable. You’ve connected to the input for a turntable, grossly overloading it and including unwanted RIAA EQ.

Wire to one of the line-level inputs, such as the CD or AUX.


As for getting the sound out of all the speakers, you’ll need to fiddle with the AVR’s sound settings. At a quick glance the options in “Original sound mode” may do the job.

Assuming the connections are similar to the image of the back of the Receiver I stumbled upon online (which wasn’t too clear), rather than using the phono which is for a Turntable, have you perhaps tried either the coax digital audio input on the Denon Receiver, or perhaps the RCA DVD input - I think they will work better for you?

edit: Ah @ratty beat me to it.

I’d recommend not using the digital coax unless the Port is set to Fixed Volume. In any event, it would require a coax-optical converter to work with that AVR.

Isn’t there a coax digital input next to the WiFi antenna on the rear (top left) of the Receiver? Can’t that be used?

That doesn’t appear in the user manual I looked at. Just a pair of opticals.

Maybe there are a few model variants.

Sorry that the image attached here isn’t brilliant - and there maybe different versions of the Receiver, but this was the image I came across in my search - apologies to the OP if it isn’t the same layout.. but if it is, I’m sure the coax connection might possibly be an option too.


Thank you both. I have managed to figure out the problem! In the AVR settings I had to assign the input for the SONOS. It seems strange that these aren’t set as default. 
Thanks again.