SONOS on segregated VLAN (IoT) and APP on another (AGAIN)

  • 5 February 2019
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Have a Sonos Connect AMP, and I love the quality of sound it generates with my own speakers, and now thinking of expanding system. I recently purchased it, and now Sonos AMP is out, so I feel a bit unhappy about that, and I would likely have waited a little to purchase new unit. But that is not my most serious issue:
I have a decent understanding of TCP/IP networking, but am by no means an expert. I have recently upgraded from consumer grade router to pfsense+unifi switch and AP config. I have designed my network so that I have 3 separate segregated networks, on different VLANs. MAIN LAN, IOT LAN, GUEST LAN. Like many other folks before me, according to the hours I have spent reading forums, I am having an issue getting APP on MAIN to work with SONOS on IOT. Every one of my other 7 smart device work just fine, with Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD reflector, but not SONOS. I have been playing with IGMP Proxy as suggested on many forums and still nothing. Why is this so complicated? From what I have read to date, there are enough people experiencing issues, that I would say warrant either a more standardized operation, or at least a Note on procedures to get this functioning. (Understanding that they cant be so specific as everyone owns a different type of network setup). With security becoming more and more important, configurations such as mine are becoming more and more common. Either a more standardized operation, or posted procedures, would eliminate a lot of frustration both from customers, and SONOS. No??

At the moment I am making do with temporarily moving to IOT network to control SONOS, but that will get old quick. I shouldnt have to redo my entire firewall config, and risk security, just to make these devices work.

And to see directive to search Google, just makes it that much worse.

These are higher end products, and deserve higher end customer service.

Any assistance, and time saving, SONOS can provide would be GREATLY appreciated.

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i have Sonos on a separate VLAN and my mobile device is on the home VLAN. setup all sonos devices with static / reserved IPs and allowed all ports from SONOS Group to Any Device on Home, and from HOME to any SONOS device, along with turning on mDNS.. this lets me use SONOS app, AirPlay and other services from home devices without any issues
See if that works and then you can start tuning down the ports, IPs on the home side as needed.
It's quite simple really. Sonos uses UPnP. UPnP discovery (SSDP) depends on subnet multicast.

Sonos was designed for single-subnet home use, but it can be made to work between subnets. See