Sonos 2.4 wif networki removed all other devices

  • 11 February 2024
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I plugged an ethernet cable into my Play 5 gen 2 which moved all other Sonos products to one wifi (wired) client group. Now my other clients which require 2.4 e.g. (Roborock vacuum) can’t connect to 2.4ghz at all. My wireless 2.4 network now has zero clients.

I went the wired route due to drop-off/cut-outs when streaming Amazon and Spotify, which seems to have resolved that problem. I suspect that Sonos wired now controls the 2.4 band, excluding all other devices as I can’t even connect a laptop or phone to 2.4ghz.

How best to resolve this?


BTW - the other issue I found out by research is that Sonos Play 1 speakers manufactured from 2016 on do work with the S2 app, those built earlier cause conflicts/cutting out (apparently memory issues). I had converted from S1 to S2 when I replaced my Play 5 gen 1 speakers. The telephone support got me connected to S2 for all speakers (Play 1 gen 1 2014-2018 versions, sub, playbar) but it did not solve my pre-upgrade cut-out problems.


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This does not make sense to me. When cable connecting a Sonos device (except for the Era speakers) the whole system will default to Sonosnet, not your 2.4Ghz. Since Sonosnet is also 2.4Ghz maybe there’s some interference. You could try and change the channels on either your WiFi or Sonosnet.

I just saw someone here stating there’s a difference between earlier and later Play 1’s. I never read this before. I also only read about memory issues on Connects, Playbars and Connect Amps on S2 only, not S1. Maybe something else is going on?

I changed the WiFi channel from 11 to 6 which allowed other devices to be connected to 2.4ghz,. Have had a brief interruption on Sonosnet when adding the Play 5 gen 2 to the TV playbar but otherwise stable now. 

The pre/post 2015 manufacturing date info is somewhere on the Sonos pages that we found last night while troubleshooting. It said it is best to split older equipment to run on S1 to solve cutout issues. Once we did that the system worked better. 

Thx for help. 

Epilogue- older equipment has been re-added to S2 and connects with a delay/system cut-out now but remains stable once all are on. It works best to add the older equipment one group at a time to minimize cut-outs. Spotify and Amazon are now more stable streaming and have never had cut-out issues like this with Apple Music.