Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 With Sonos Playbar and Sony 4k HD TV

  • 3 January 2018
  • 15 replies

I am trying to connect Oticon TV adapter 3.0 (Hardware wireless Hearing assistant) to Sonos Playbar while attached to my TV SONY XBR930. Oticon can connect to components by either TOSLINK (Optical Audio, RCA, and Mini jack adapter to RCA. I am unable to get both Oticon to feed hearing aids while Sonos plays at the same time. Anybody?

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15 replies

If you should get an answer to this, I am interested in connecting it as well for my husband. He can connect to the TV only but not the Sonos Playbar/Sonos System.
Never have heard of this device until now, but I do have some questions.

I'm assuming that you've run an optical cable from the TV to the optical input (TOSLink in) on the Oticon, and then another optical cable from the optical out ( TOSLink out) to the PLAYBAR?

Have you set the TV's audio settings to either Dolby Digital or Stereo?

While the TV is playing, what lights are you getting on the front of the Oticon? See page 8 of the manual.

While the TV is playing, is the PLAYBAR working, and the Oticon not? Or is the Oticon working and the PLAYBAR not, or are neither working?
only one TOSLINK from TV so can't connect both Playbar and Oticon. Hadn't considered a daisy chain from Oticon to playbar. TV settings are good, Oticon says it is streaming according to lights. Only Playbar works, Oticon doesn't, regardless of configuration. I think I need an TOSLiNK Splitter it there is such a beast.
Based on the information in the manual, it looks like it could daisy chain. So TV to Oticon, Oticon to PLAYBAR. See page 16 of the manual. I believe that will get both to work.
Thanks, Bruce. We'll give it a try and let you know how it turns out.
I'll be interested to know.

There's other potential options using the RCA jacks, but I'm not wild about that potential, honestly. Much better if you can do the two optical connections, I think.

And to be honest, I'd double check by plugging the optical from the TV to the PLAYBAR first, just to make sure that works, and then insert the Oticon device in the middle. That's the device I'm not 100% sure about, so if we can eliminate one potential issue from the mix, it will help. Prove the PLAYBAR works, then we can start messing with the Oticon 🙂
Already confirmed the Playbar works. Moving on to will it work in a daisy chain. BTW: You have been referring to . the manual, without specifiying which manual, Sonos, Oticon or Sony.
My sincere apologies. The Oticon one.
By the way, since you've confirmed that the PLAYBAR works, have you tried just plugging the optical cable from the TV to the Oticon, and confirmed that it works?
Well, I don't think I can prove that it works since I can't get it to stream into my spouse's hearing aids, even though the previous version (2.0?) of Opticon worked just fine. She has told me that the aids were successfully paired to the Opticon 3.0 at the audiologist office.
Interesting. I don't know enough about that process to give any assistance, sorry.
Thanks for your help, Bruce. I seemed to have it figured out until ast night at 3 Am when Sonos autonomously started playing the feed from the TV even though both were turned off. Got any ideas?
Actually, I do. There are some TVs that turn on in order to check to see if there are updates to the software for the TV. Usually, they don't turn on the screen, but everything else apparently, including the optical connection gets energized. I'd recommend getting in touch with the manufacturer to ask them about it.

The other option would be that you've set up some sort of alarm in the Sonos software, but I'm pretty sure that you haven't. Worth double checking, though, just to be safe.
Thanks for the response. I'll be contacting the TV manufacturer. I appreciate all your help.
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Thanks for the response. I'll be contacting the TV manufacturer. I appreciate all your help.

I would be interested in how you resolved this issue.