Default password for GL.iNet GL-AR300M16-ext travel router in Sonos system

  • 26 January 2023
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I just bought a used GL-AR300M16-ext from a guy on eBay.  The guy I bought it from said that the unit came with a Sonos system he got from Costco.  I'm unable to factory reset the device such that it presents the initial login screen as described here:

using the Repair or Reset procedures found here:

I've tried the password reset procedure at least 10 times but the device's web page always asks for a password.  I suspect the device has a custom firmware on it to support the Sonos implementation.  Does anyone know what the default password might be in this configuration?

Thanks in advance!


5 replies

You’d be better off communicating with the maker of that equipment than you are by asking the Sonos community. 


If the unit is running firmware customized by Sonos, the manufacturer wouldn’t know the password.

Your travel router doesn’t have anything to do with Sonos, certainly not any code or configuraiton that Sonos supports..  Costco may have created a package with Sonos for some reason, but I highly doubt it, and it would not involve specific firmware for the router.  Sonos does not require anything specific for routers.

There is no firmware customized by Sonos for another company’s device. Sonos only does firmware for their own hardware. 

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Hi @ramseyrt 

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At the end of the page of the second link you posted, there are instructions for what to do if the unit will not reset. 

I second what everyone has said above. We don’t provide, recommend or alter any routers of any kind.

I hope this helps.