x2 era 100 or x1 era 300 for my kitchen?

  • 31 March 2023
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I have a five, and we’re putting in a kitchen in a large area. Am I better to get:

  1. x2 era 100 and stereo them?
  2. x1 era 300 and utilise the dolby sound
  3. another 5 because I love it (but it’s quite big!) and stereo them? or is this overkill?

I have x2 ones, a sub and an arc set up in the next room as a surround sound system, and a couple of roams that fit in pretty much wherever I need them. The kitchen system will be static and high enough that I won't be using the controls on them. I run IOS from phone or macbook


Thanks :)

5 replies

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If it were me I’d do the following…

Era 100 x 2: Versatile placement on top of counter, cabinets or fridge. Easily make stereo pair

I would not choose Era 300. IMO it’s better suited for spacial audio in a listening environment where one is seated; or for entertaining a small gathering where everyone can feel immersed in the music. Additionally, there’s not a lot of Dolby Atmos music available in different genres. So you have a $449 speaker playing stereo music most of the time and not realizing it’s full potential.

I’d wouldn’t go with the Five for the reason(s) you have stated.

However, this is JMHO. Others may feel differently.

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I put a pair of Play 5s up on top of my kitchen cabinets, they really sounded great and up there we had lots of unused space. You could try stereo or grouping them and go with whichever sounds best from your main listening positions.

100s if you are tight on space but likely the low end will be weaker than Fives.

I vote for another FIVE.

Just bought two 100s for a stereo pair for the lounge, a reasonably large area.  They work very well, but it’s down to individual preference at the end of the day. But something to consider. 

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I have the same conundrum. I currently have 2 play1s and a sub in an L shaped kitchen. However, one of the play1s sits on a windowsill behind the TV and I am not getting the most out of a stereo pair. I’m leaning towards an Era300 at the moment as it can be placed more central along the main wall to provide a more central sound than the play1s which are a bit out of the way. I quite fancy experimenting with the Apple Dolby Atmos tracks. Linking it with the sub will probably be overkill :)