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  • 20 November 2023
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Hello, I am trying to establish a limited setup on a deck which is located outside of a living room. The deck has a new smart TV (TCL) which is entirely wireless. The deck has 4 in-ceiling wired speakers and two under-deck speakers facing the pool. All of the speaker wires go to an AV cabinet in the adjacent living room. 

What I want is to be able to watch TV and project the sound through all of the wired speakers and/or to have the TV silent or off and have music playing. How would I accomplish this with my current setup?

If I hook a beam up to the TV and put an amp inside connected to the speakers, would that accomplish my goal? Would I need another amp to establish two zones (in-ceiling vs. under-deck) If I’m totally off, please educate me!

3 replies

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You could hook an Amp to your TV and power two pairs of speakers using it without getting any network audio delays.

A second Amp could be used for the under-deck speakers and Grouped to the TV Amp, but there would be a slight 75 ms audio delay that might not be an issue in that situation.

You could also use the Amps, Grouped together to play music, with no delay, or use them to play two different streams.


If you get into speaker impedance matching switches you could drive all from the first Amp.

Thanks, Stanley_4. Forgive the silly question, but the speaker wires that would be attached to the amp are in another room from the TV. Will addition of the soundbar to the deck TV allow me to wirelessly pair the deck TV to the living room amp via the app?

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With a soundbar hooked to the TV you could share the audio to any of your other Sonos BUT with a slight 75 ms delay.