Sonos setup for living room

  • 10 July 2023
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Hi there Sonos community

I am planning to upgrade my Sonos setup in the living room which is the actually same room as the kitchen (48 sqm). I already have a Beam (1st gen) with two One as surround speaker around the TV.

What do you think makes more sense?

  • Adding a Era 300 in the kitchen or just a Era 100? I would like to also possibly be able to connect a turntable which calls for a new Era speaker :)
  • Additionally add a Sub mini to the surround system? Forget about the Era and just add the Sub mini as budget is limited as well?

Thank you and looking forward to your suggestions.


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2 replies

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Adding an Era would give you the ability to use your turntable - though would you want to put that in the kitchen? I’d also say an Era 300 would be overkill for use in the kitchen.

Remember that Era’s do not do Google Assistant, so if that is important to you, buy a One - that in turn won’t connect to a turntable…..

Thanks for your feedback. So livingroom and kitchen is actually one room:


The surround system is in the sofa area and the Era would be placed at the red dot. What do you think?