Replacing part of my B&O installation with SONOS

  • 1 February 2017
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I want to replace part of my B&O installation with Sonos equipment. The current setup is the following: BEOCENTER 3 as a central Hub. Connected (on the "in-side") to this are : Satellite decoder ; Telenet Decoder ; Radio/CD player ; DVD Player. on the "out-side") a Panasonic TV Plasma operated only as a screen ; 1 B&O Subwoofer Beolab 2 ; 4 B&O speakers Beolab 8000 (Front Left and Right - Back Left and Right) ; 1 Central Front speaker B&O Beolab 3. I want to replace the sound part with SONOS ( Playbar ; Sub and 2 Play s 1,3 or 5's). Can anyone advise on if this is possible and how? Thnx in advance.

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2 replies

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This is the Dutch part of the Sonos Community. Might be best to try your luck in the English spoken part...
So, I think I understand, although I'm not terribly familiar with B&O equipment. Basically, it sounds like you have a B&O unit acting as a "switch" that provided various input (cable, radio/CD, DVD) to your screen, via HDMI I am assuming. That's the essential piece, I think.

In the world of Sonos, there is no "switch" device for inputs. They rely on your TV to be the switch, and take the output from the TOSLink (S/PDIF or optical port) as the data stream to the Playbar. So you'd need to be able to connect all of your data sources (cable, radio/CD and DVD) to your TV, usually via HDMI. This may be a bit more complex with your radio/CD player, but you could also connect that directly to a Connect or Connect:Amp, or Play:5 with various connections that would take that input. On the other hand, you may want to just rip your CDs completely, either upload them to some service, or to your computer, and do away with the CD Player/Radio. For the radio side, TuneIn provides a pretty wide range of possibilities, and you can check before you do anything just by going to their website to see if they stream your local stations. It's a free service, and anything that they stream on their website can also be streamed using Sonos.

So, as long as you have everything going in to you TV set, it would then be carried out the optical port to the Sonos environment. If you're planning on using a 5.1 system, you would want to check to be sure that your TV can output the information through that optical out. Most TVs do, but there are some that have difficulty, and much of that is covered in the "Home Theater" area of this board.

So, yes, with the judicious application of items, I think everything you want to do can be done. I'd start off with a Playbar, a sub, and two Play:1s for surrounds, which would pretty closely match what you currently have in B&O equipment. Then after that gets set up and you're happy, you could then expand with other speakers anywhere you like in your home.

Best of luck!