Replace a pair of Sonos Ones or add a Sub Mini

  • 22 January 2024
  • 1 reply


I currently have two Sonos Ones setup in a stereo pair in my kitchen/dining/living space (approx 16 m2). The speakers are mainly used for listening to music/radio in one half of that room. What does everyone think will be a better upgrade - adding a Sub Mini to my existing setup, or replacing the Ones with Era 100s?

Initially just looking for thoughts on what people think will immediately sound better rather than concerns with future-proofing, etc. which I’ll consider separately.

Will adding a sub mini create a bigger overall sound in the room as you would get from bigger speakers, or just add thumping base? 

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1 reply

As your plan is to ‘replace’ the Ones, rather than add two more speakers to the room, I would say go with the Sub-Mini. Whilst the Era’s do sound better than the Ones, the difference is not huge, compared to the ‘Oomph’ you will get from having a Sub in the room.