Please help me get started in choosing Sonos setup - new house

  • 15 May 2017
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Thanks for any help. I'm going to bite the bullet and get a Sonos setup. I need help determining what would be best for what rooms. The rooms I would like to have music in are main floor: living room, dining room and a great room that has family room/kitchen/casual dining. Upstairs for now just one bedroom where the wireless router is. Here's more description of the rooms where id like to have music.

1. Living room and dining room: These rooms are open to each other but separate from the rest of the house. Both are 10 x 10 so together 10 x 20'. Reality is we will only use the formal dining room once a month at best.

2. Great room: Family room with tv above fireplace open to kitchen and eating area off to the side. The family room and kitchen are a long room – 15' x 30' with TV above fireplace on one short side and kitchen counter on the opposite short side. There is a small casual dining are attached to the kitchen that is 8x8. So it makes an "L" shape when it's all put together.

3. Master bedroom: 12x12' where the router is.

Any advice would be great! I haven't decided if I want to do the TV bar or just go with music for now. I would love to hear what the ideal set up would be for all of the above rooms. I have considered a play 5 for the great room. A single play 1 for the casual dining off the kitchen. And either 2-3 play 1's or a play 5 for the living room dining room. Also two play ones or a play 5 for the master bedroom.

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3 replies

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Caveat: I haven't listened to all the options that are available to you. I have two ZP100s (predecessor of the connect:amp), a ZP80 (predecessor of the connect), a play:5 (1st gen), play:3, and 3 play:1s.

You haven't mentioned your budget or your listening habits. Do you want to set up a serious listening room or just background music? If money is no object, get two play:5s in a stereo pair and a sub. Alternately a connect:amp and a top-notch pair of speakers, with or without a sub.

On the other end, two play:1s in a stereo pair sound very good, and they're more affordable than the others. Add a sub for enhanced base. I like stereo pairs for the separation. A single play:1 sounds good too, but it's a mono speaker. Play:3's and 5's are stereo, but you're not going to get much separation in units of this size.

If you're sure you want at least one play:5, you might buy that to start along with a pair of play:1s. Try them in your various locations and combinations to see how they sound to you. Then you can fill the rest of the house. Warning: they're addictive.
I suggest using the play 1 unit as building blocks in different rooms as follows:
1. A single unit for a small space where it suffices based on actual use experience
2. A stereo pair of 1 units, where space is available for both keeping the speakers and for listening from far enough away to get the stereo effect
3. A stereo pair of 1 units + Sub for the best sound quality for music

Another advantage of the 1 units is that they can move to the surround sound role if you decide in future to add Sonos HT for your TV.
A disadvantage is the lack of a line in jack on them, if you need it for other kit like turntables or CD players.
Thank you Johnseay and Kumar! I took both of your advice and decided to start out "small" and experiment . I purchased three play 1's and a play 5. I purchased the play5 to still be able to play cd's and have a turn table option in the living room. I think in the future I will get the play bar and sub as you mentioned Kumar for the tv area and use the 1's for surround. One play1 is great for the bedroom for now.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply! Really enjoying it! Especially after solely listening to music through the iPad speaker this past year. Also, I can see how they are very addictive!