Non-audiophile ELI5 home system product(s) recommendation.

  • 20 January 2024
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hi all. my 10 year old receiver just went belly up and it was suggested to me that Sonos product could double to serve as my “receiver”— just set up a new system using new Sonos product(s) but keeping my existing Fiber optics “cable” tv set box, Apple TV 4K, and Airply Apple Music (from max or iPhone) and my approximately 10 year old wall mounted tv.  My internet fiber optic provider is the same as my fiber “cable TV” provider.   I also want to get a turntable (not Sonos branded) soon. Later I might add small speakers in other rooms. I HDMI connect the receiver to Apple TV, to the flat screen tv on wall, to the router, and connect to the router as well. So recover is a wired hub. Bonus would be to be able to continue to use my 10 year old bookshelf plain old wired speakers with any now system—they connect with wires to my receiver. 

   I’m not an audiophile so think average homeowner and not cheapest buy not the highest either.  I want as much wireless connection as I can but my TV and router and cable set box are HDMI connected to my now broken recover.

 At minimum two speakers, perhaps a soundbar.  More if the price is low enough for my budget. Simple set up 
Is a must.  

I’m also unclear if I would need a separate receiver or not.  Would I connect Apple TV and the cable box directly to a Sonos speaker or other product ?

Help! I’m getting confused reading the website.

what do I get and in explain like I’m 5 language and vocabulary too please! 

thank you. 


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You might look at a Sonos Amp instead of a soundbar, it will hook to your TV and existing speakers.

It would play the TV’s sound via Arc, eArc or optical connections.

You could add surrounds to the Amp or add speakers in other rooms. They would all play music in perfect sync but the TV sound would be slightly delayed in other rooms.