new home, pre wires and in ceiling speakers

  • 21 March 2021
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i recently moved into new home, already equiped with in ceiling speakers and outdoor speakers.  also, in the wall are a couple knobs for volume, and several L&R wires in the media room which i assume were connected to the source.

I am in no way very technical and want to make this as easy to utilizs as possible.  i need to know what i need in order to be able to use these pre-wired speakers. 

i think the way i understand it is this…. i need the amp to connect to the pre-wires, from there i download the sonos app and can start streaming. sound right?

but also, if i want to play my cds/vinyl, i would need the port as well to tie into my tuner/ cd player/ record player?

does this sound right? any and all insight is appreciated.



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1 reply


Well, I can tell you one thing.  You don’t need BOTH an Amp and a Port.  One or the other.  It sounds like you don’t have any amplifier right now, so you would want the Amp.  If you already had an amplifier, you would use a Port.