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  • 29 April 2023
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Hi - thank you in advance for your help.  New to this so really looking for the expertise of the group.  We are adding a kitchen addition and covered outdoor deck to our home.  The electrician suggested 2 Sonos ceiling speakers for each area. He also suggested 2 Sonos receivers (I’m guessing he is referring to the amplifiers?). My questions:

  1. does this equipment sound correct?  Why would we need 2 receivers?
  2. if we purchased just 1 receiver and 4 ceiling speakers, do we have the option of turning the deck ones off if we are not out there?
  3. Can we listen to 2 different sources in the 2 different areas at the same time (parents mysic on kitchen, kids music on deck?)
  4. can we add additional stand alone Sonos speakers in the future for the living room for example or out in the yard?

thank you very much!  Very excited about this 


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1 reply

1.  See answers to 2 & 3

2. Only if you wire In-Wall volume controls or use 2 Sonos Amps.

3. Only if you use 2 Sonos Amps.  Each Sonos device can play only one source at a time.

4. Yes