how to talk to the sales team?

  • 7 April 2021
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I want to trade in a ZP90 but it doesn’t appear in my online account (it used to but no longer does after I upgraded to the new S2 controller)

Sonos chat support are unable to help and said I need to call the sales team who can assist, but I have been on hold for over an hour, on two separate occasions, unable to speak to anyone.

Does anyone here know how I can get reliably get in touch with the sales team? Or if there is some way I can get the ZP90 to show up in my online account such that I can trade it in? 

Many thanks in advance for your input :)


Best answer by John B 7 April 2021, 16:32

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3 replies

That is odd. Products remain showing in the account until they are registered to someone else's account. Removing it from your system would not normally cause it to disappear from the account. 

You could try factory resetting it and then set it up as a new S1 system,  using the S1 app and the same Sonos account. 

I'm not sure what the outcome would be.

If I open the “contact us” link at the bottom of this page, I end up on a page that has both a phone number (US, mind you) and a toll free number (also US….likely different in each location) for reaching out to the sales team. 

I would call them, and have that discussion.

@John B and @Airgetlam thanks for the responses!

I’ve now been sorted out as Marc from Sonos contacted me via email and was able to give me a discount code based on the serial number on the bottom of the zp90.

I think I’d recommend to anyone to try via email rather than sitting on hold for hours. I tried the phone after first trying the webchat. Email support seems to be the way forward in this case! :)