How to have a multiroom system audio with external space for restaurant

  • 27 May 2023
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Hi everyone,
I am new in this community and i would ask you, that are more expert than me, how to create a system audio, using sonos, for a restaurant that has multiple room and external space.

This is the structure:
External space (200mq) ----- main hall (150mq) ---- secondary hall (50mq)

I was thinking to put a Sonos Move in the external space, in the middle of the space (no cable).
Two Sonos ONE SL in the main hall and a sonos one SL in the secondary hall.

Between the external speaker and the main hall’s speaker will be more than 30m, same with the one in the secondary hall.

I would like to play the same music in all the spaces.

The audio source can be in the main hall.

Can i group, using my WIFI, all the devices and play the same music? (the source can be a phone or must to be connected to spotify?)

In case the WIFI is not working, can i connect the device between them using some chain link system, maybe based on bluetooth or wlan?




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1 reply

I’m not a big fan of this sort of setup.

I recommend wiring all of the speakers to the network, unfortunately MOVE cannot be wired. WiFi coverage for the MOVE is a consideration. Humans are basically bags of water. Water absorbs WiFi energy. As your space fills with water bags, WiFi degrades. This can be frustrating because tests when the restaurant is empty can successful, but the system might not function well during a big party. Placing the speakers and WiFi access points above the water bags is the best approach. If MOVE will be operating on battery power, I think that it will become an unwelcome chore to keep it charged.

Yes, you can Group the players -- assuming the WiFi coverage is adequate.

I know that the world seems to be centered around phones and pads, but I don’t think that it’s a good plan to use a phone/pad as the source of your music. Unless the music is actually stored on the phone/pad SONOS can play independently from the controllers. Once music play is started, the controller can be shut down. If the phone/pad is the music source, it’s in someone’s pocket, and the pocket moves to a poor WiFi coverage area (trapped in a cluster of water bags -- or out back), the music will stop.

In my experience Bluetooth coverage is worse than WiFi. Note that in your system only MOVE supports Bluetooth. Further, you will not be able to Group other players with MOVE while MOVE is in Bluetooth mode.

Consider hiring a pro. I don’t know your goals or physical layout, but at first glance I don’t think that you are using enough speakers. Typically in restaurants speakers should be uniformly distributed every 3-5 meters. If you want to use SONOS, I recommend using AMP’s and wired speakers.