help a newbie with arc question

  • 28 December 2020
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I might buy an Arc today (its on sale) but wanted to ask a couple of questions first.

I have a LGC8 (65”) with a PC and a PS5 connected to it. Today I have two audio pro t8 with the audio pro sub connected to it. But I never play music on this system, just games and movies//tv shows. And the audio is not very good since its a bit too low when speaking and then very loud when action. So a bit annoying when the kids are watching something :)


so. Ive been looking at the arc, partly because its white and supposed to be very good. I will not listen to music and I have no other sonos products.


Here are my questions.

is it “stupid” to buy a sonos sound bar when not using the sonos system in the rest of the house?


can I connect the audio pro sub to the arc? Thought this would be a good way to save money instead of buying a sonos sub…


thanks a lot. Im a total sound noob, and is really not interested in this at all 🙂 but want it to look good and sound good. Not even sure how to connect my products to each other if I have a sound bar but I guess ill read the manual :)

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1 reply

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1. No, it isn’t stupid to just have a Sonos Arc and no other Sonos products in the rest of the house. In your case you are purchasing the Arc because your want better sound from your TV. The Arc will give you better sound. And it has a feature called Night Sound that will fix your loud action, low speaking problem.

2. No, you must use the Sonos Sub with the Arc.