Expanding System with Sonos:Play speakers or Sonos:Connect and existing Bose speaker

  • 16 November 2016
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Currently, we have two Connects (for two zones). One is connected to 6 hardwired outdoor speakers through 3 Russound P75 Amps (one zone, but each set of outdoor speakers can be adjusted (on/off/volume) via each P75 Amp. Additionally, we have a second Connect that feeds into one Russound P75 Amp for 4 in ceiling family room speakers. Both Connects and all Amps are located in our family room inside our entertainment unit. We would like to expand the system to include one or two speakers to our living room, which does not have any hardwired speakers. My question: if we purchased one or two Play 5 speakers for this room, do we need a separate Connect Amp or would these speakers be able to create a separate zone? Second, we have a $500 Bluetooth Bose Bluetooth speaker that has excellent sound quality and an aux input. If we wanted to let we this in life of purchasing Sonos speakers, is it possible to simply buy a Connect to create a separate zone to play music through the Bose speaker using a a cable from the Connect to the speaker? If this sec Me scneario is possible, the Connect would be in a separate location in the house and would have no access to a hardwired Ethernet connection. Is it possible to connect the Connect via wi-if? If so, what type of cable is best to connect the Sonos Connect audio out to the aux input on the Bose Speaker? Since we already have an expensIve wireless speaker, I would prefer to use that to save money and only purchase a Connect. Thank you in advance for you responses.

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1 reply

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Hello Bunny22212 and welcome to the Sonos community. You can definitely use a Sonos CONNECT with the existing Bose Bluetooth speaker. Simply use one of the audio outputs on the CONNECT (likely the analog RCA outputs) to the auxiliary input on the Bose and add it to your existing system. This will create a new zone that you will be able to either group or control independently using your Sonos controllers.