Everyone in favor of SONOS developing a speaker for exterior use?

Leave a comment on this topic. Maybe if they see the market for it they will build it.🆒

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I've personally never seen the use for a weatherproof speaker that is either battery powered or AC powered. Either one needs to be brought indoors occasionally; the battery needs charging for the former and leaving something plugged into AC power in a rainstorm is not good for the latter. When I need Sonos on my deck, I lug a Play:3 outside. When I'm done, it goes back in. If I ever needed anything more permanent, I'd wire up outdoor speakers to an indoor Connect:Amp.

So I guess you can count me as a no.
I can't see such a speaker coming into existence. Too many limitations due to the player(s) being located quite far away from either a) the customer's main router or closest AP or b) the closest other zone player in Boost mode.

Then there's the problem with full waterproofing (preferably with an IPxx certification), battery life, general 2.4GHz signal stability outside of buildings due to interference/noise, limited multiroom ability and so on. Sonos works great in stable in-house network environments but was clearly not designed for establishing long-range wifi communication spread over several access points. The complaints would be endless.

A simple near-field solution like Bluetooth would imho be the smarter way of approach. But then again, such an approach doesn't have anything to do with the Sonos multiroom concept.
I am wish they would!!
I'm not against it, but I can't see myself buying one. I currently have 4 speakers outside, powered by a CONNECT:AMP. Total cost of speakers and wiring and such was probably around $1000. If Sonos came out with outdoor PLAY:1s, I'm guessing the cost would be around $250 minimum. So for 4 speakers, about the same cost, except I also have to figure out how to power these speakers. As well, I also have more assets exposed to the weather and to thieves.

Sure, you could just set them outside when you need them and bring it out when your done, but you can do that with the existing PLAY:1s.

If you're talking about battery powered/portable sonos speakers you can take use when away from home, that would be more interesting to me. Then again, it's not going to be that much more useful then a phone + Bluetooth speaker combo. I can't say that I'd be jumping at that product either.

If you're talking about battery powered/portable sonos speakers you can take use when away from home, that would be more interesting to me. Then again, it's not going to be that much more useful then a phone + Bluetooth speaker combo

Unless it has bluetooth, it won't even be as useful as a phone + BT battery powered speaker combo. Putting all that in the package is a stretch for Sonos, for access to a crowded market.
For just exterior use at home where battery/BT isn't needed, the current situation is best addressed the way it is today.
@Kumar, I was thinking along the same lines of Amazon's tap. It is a Bluetooth speaker, but it also has wifi capabilities. The idea being that you could use whatever wifi is available or your mobile hotspot. For the wifi scenario, you could control the speakers with the Sonos app like normal, or with Alexa integration possible.

So why wouldn't you go with just a Bluetooth speaker? If Sonos could sound better or at least as good as Bluetooth speaker and allow for speaker pairing, I could see where there is value. Say you're having a BBQ at the park or heading out to the lake/beach. Two portable PLAY:1s providing stereo sound is better then a Bluetooth speaker.

Eh, I can see where there isn't much of a market for it at the price point needed to make a decent profit...particularly when everyone already has Bluetooth speakers.
Two portable PLAY:1s providing stereo sound is better then a Bluetooth speaker.

There are some very good BT speakers that also do stereo pairing. But carrying two around and setting them up somewhat negates the portable speaker concept out of doors, where one makes allowances for some loss of sound quality for easy portability, quick set up and the like. Although mine does pairing, this is why I did not pick up the second unit. And it cost me about USD 100.
Was not aware of that. Interesting. I agree with you though, probably not for me. However, if I was a more social person who was having large gatherings away from home often, it would be worth looking into .
I don't use it for large gatherings away, but at night during my travels to remote places with no power or WiFi. The point is that unless Sonos also adds BT and battery capability, there is little point in making an exterior speaker that only adds weather proofing to the existing models. Exterior speakers also needs design such that they work out of doors without room reinforcement. A lot of effort to serve a market that is crowded with passive external speakers for decks and the like on one hand and with BT speakers with batteries for use in the outdoors on the other. At a time when they have their hands full with Alexa.

To the OP, therefore: don't hold your breath!
I have a simple solution I have used very effectively. I cover the speaker with a thin plastic bag, the kind you get at the grocery store. It keeps the speaker dry and I can leave it plugged in to whatever outlet I have on my patio and bring it in if I don't intend to use it for a while. A little tacky but cheap, easy and simple. No impact on sound quality
This could work if you have a safe mains outlet. Also, be sure to leave place for radiated heat from the speaker to escape - it has heat producing electronics inside it.
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This would be great. I ended up getting a Sonos that I use in a covered patio in the yard. I keep it in a pelican case in good weather when not in use. When it is wet (I live in Portland, OR) it comes in the house where it is dry. A more permanent option would be great.
100% YES! During our outdoor speaker selection and setup for our pool area last year, we had to "settle" for conventional outdoor speakers connected to a Connect:AMP. I would have preferred spending money on an extension of our Sonos speakers systems for outdoor use instead of buying a Connect:AMP and finding good outdoor speakers to pair it with.
I'd buy two and permanently mount one on my front porch and rear deck.