Connect Roku TV, LP player, AND Echo Dot to Sonos Play 1s via Connect Amp?

  • 9 January 2017
  • 1 reply

I'm wondering if I can use a Sonos Connect:Amp to connect my Roku TV, LP player (currently played through my Roku TV built-in speakers), and two Echo Dots (instead of waiting for the formal 2017 Sonos/Alexa integration) to my two Sonos Play:1 speakers. I use one Dot and one Play:1 in my bathroom and all else in my living room.

More specifically, I'm wondering:
1. If all my Dots will play through the Sonos system if only one Dot is plugged in
2. If I can add the built-in Roku TV speakers to my Sonos system, to use as an extra set of speakers while streaming music from non-Roku devices or watching Roku TV
3. If I can connect my Roku TV, LP player, and Echo Dots to the Connect:Amp simultaneously

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1 reply

1 - I believe the answer is no. The echo dots are not aware/connected to each other as far as I can tell. If you play music on one echo dot, it does not play on any other. I've not seen any functionality that would allow that. When you connect your dot to sonos, you're making your dot a source for sonos. You aren't doing any kind of integration where all your sonos devices are aware of all your echo devices.

2 - I believe that's no as well. If you look on the back of your sonos amp, there is no audio output that could be connected back to your tv.

3 - Looking at the back of the sonos amp, there is only 1 set of rca inputs, so you would need some sort of external switcher to get that done. Alternatively, if you had 3 different sonos products that take inputs, you could have all 3 without a switcher...but that would be an expensive way of doing it.