Can I connect a Beam gen 1 with my One & One SL?

  • 30 April 2023
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I Like to buy a Beam gen 1. But can I connect my One & One SL, and if so can I use them both as home cinema system as in just listening to my music? 

Im sort of on budget, that’s why I’m thinking bout buying a refurbished Beam but it’s a gen 1. 

Or would it be better to just buy a new Ray. (My apartment is only 50m2). 

Hope someone can advice me.

Thank you



Best answer by jgatie 30 April 2023, 18:14

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2 replies

Thank you so much! 

Either will work.  A soundbar + a One and a One SL will give you 5.0 surround (Front Left/Center/Right in the soundbar, Surround Left/Right in the Ones).  You can also listen to music via this setup, with the surrounds set as Ambient (soft) or Full (full volume).