Any recommendations on two play 1's vs. a play 5?

  • 7 January 2017
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Any recommendations on two play 1's vs. a play 5 for a kitchen/tv area setup? I am thinking of placing the unit(s) on the 3 foot high shelf ("short bookshelf" in picture) and was leaning to two play 1's for the potential to use as rear speakers for TV setup but that is really secondary and want to ensure nice sounding music fills the tv/kitchen space (vs. just if I am sitting on the couch) and potentially can be heard in dining room as background music so then thought the play 5 may be better at filling that space? So options I am thinking:

1) two play 1's on bookshelf
2) 1 play 5 on bookshelf (I lean towards this)
3) 1 play 5 and subwoofer (but may be too costly for now)
4) 2 play 1's and subwoofer (but may be too costly for now)

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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6 replies

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I started off with 1 play 5 covering the living room and it was very good; plenty of sound for the room. I kept reading about how good two sounded in stereo so I bought another and thought, if it doesn't sound great I'll take it back. Well, it sounds REALLY good with them paired in stereo. I have TRUPLAY'd them in portrait and in landscape, and I prefer the sound stage in portrait. I have two Play 1s paired in stereo in the kitchen. I think the 1's are very good speakers, probably the best value, but the clarity of the 5's is remarkable.
Thanks for the recommendation. So you run two play 5s portrait in stereo setup?

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You might also consider two Play 5's in portrait. I have this in my living room and do not feel like I am missing a sub. I have two Play 1's in stereo in the kitchen and this sounds great too but not as great as the two play 5s. The play 1s are on shelves and pick up the feel of having more bass than they probably actually have probably due to the reflections from the placement on the shelves.
Thanks for the suggestions!
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what I would do (as budget allows) 2 play1 on shelf in living room. A connect for the speakers by the tv. A sub and 2 maybe even 4 (depending on sound coverage) play1 for the dining room. - Kris:)
I would go with option 1, but better placement would be top of the dining area, firing down the room and towards the kitchen beyond.

And add a Connect front end to the existing speakers for music play, either independently or in a grouped zone with the dining room speakers.