14 Speakers and 7 Zones

  • 25 December 2016
  • 3 replies

Hello, I have 14 ceiling speakers in my house and I'm looking for an amp that would enable me to play music with the best possible control features. At the very least, I would like the following features:
- control via an app
- ability to play different music in different zones from different devices i.e. multiple phones

I have no background in this field and I'm looking for advice on which amp/equipment will enable me to make my house into an exciting beat box!

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3 replies

You can centrally locate the Connect:Amps. Plenty of people do this when renovating old systems. You may want to have at least one wired to the router, because WiFi may not have a strong signal to the wiring area.

A single Connect:Amp can power two pairs of 8 Ohm speakers. Anything less than 8 Ohms can cause amplifier shutdown, and both pairs will always play the same source.
Thanks jgatie.

I'm thinking of Connect:Amp however I have all the wires for the speakers run down to the basement to a common corner. Based on what I understand of Connect:Amp, if I have one for each zone, would I not need the cables for the respective speakers in each zone instead of having them in the basement?

Secondly, would you happen to know if I can connect 4 speakers to one Connect:Amp?

Thanks again.
A Connect:Amp for each zone, or a Connect for each zone along with multi-channel amp(s) with enough channels to cover will do the trick.