Sonos app update disabled my system and now it no longer functions.

  • 9 January 2024
  • 3 replies

I LOVED MY SONOS PRODUCTS, BUT NOW WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING SONOS AGAIN!!! I have two original Play 5 speakers. I used the app to play them as a Stereo pair. They sounded phenomenal! Then I bought a Beam sound bar for my TV. I used the app to setup surround sound using all three units and it was absolutely wonderful! Then the app updated to Sonos 2 app. Now my Play 5 speakers are not compatible and they no longer work as a surround sound system I paid a lot of money for, they don't even work for stereo pair anymore. 

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3 replies

The original Play:5 (gen1) speakers were not capable of acting as TV Home Theatre surrounds as they do not have a 5Ghz wireless adapter? Are you sure they are the original Play:5 speakers? Might they be the newer Play:5 (gen 2) speakers manufactured between Nov 2015 —> June 2020?.

If so, they were always S2 compatible, from when S2 was launched in late 2020.

I have a pair of PLAY:5 Gen 2 speakers, and they work perfectly on S2, although I’ve never set them up as surrounds, as I feel my PLAY:1s serve that purpose well.  I use the PLAY:5s as music speakers. They happen to flank my Arc, although they’re not part of the same Sonos ‘room’.

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2. Factually inaccurate in every detail

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Sounds as genuine as a £6 note to me, but apologies if I am mistaken.