set up a previous factory reset Sonos 1

  • 2 April 2024
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I have a Sonos  1 new about 4 years ago.

It started playing up and i ended up doing a factory reset.

But now I can’t seem =to set it up again.

Can someone tell me where i might be going wrong please?


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2 replies

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Thank you, I’ll try that.

There is nothing different about setting up a brand new speaker vs setting up a speaker that has been factory reset.   Factory resets are not recommended for fixing issues in general.  All you really end up doing is erasing the history that could help support figure out what’s wrong.

If your Sonos One is not directly wired to your router currently, I would try doing that for setup.  Then move your speaker to the location you want it.  If you are still having issues, contact Sonos support.