Problem with products “Not Registered”

  • 1 February 2024
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I have 14 products in my Sonos System. i recently changed my broadband provider and this has played havoc with the system. I want to run th system off the S1 controlllerduecto having a ConnectAmp that is incompatible with the S2 controller. I had to downdrade 4 products which was donecsuccessfully with the help from support. However I have 5 products that show a spanner symbol with dot and “not registered”. When I try to register them with “link to my account” all shoe a set up error and suggest checking the internet connection. which is fine. Can anyone help me fix this?

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4 replies

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I’d start by assigning all Sonos a static/reserved IP address from your router’s DHCP settings page. Power all Sonos down, reboot your router and the controller, then power the Sonos back up. All too often issues are caused by IP address oddities and this will clear them and prevent them from happening again.

If after the assignment and reboot things are still not right it is probably going to take submitting another diagnostic and calling Sonos support again.

Hi Stanley_4 thank you for your response. I am not sure I know how to assign static IP addresses.Could you send me steps showing me how to do it?

Do you know if doing a factory reset on the 4 products would produce the same result - I know how to do those :)


Many thanks in advance



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How to do it varies by router brand and model, your router’s forum or support would be the place to ask that.


The Factory Reset won’t fix the IP issue and will cause you to have to start completely over with no services or lists. Don’t Do That!

It is usually laid out in the manual for your router. Check the paper copy if you kept that, or the online version.

It was scary the first time I did one, but after three IP addresses, it became really easy.