Multiple speakers in same room

  • 1 April 2024
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I currently have a Sonos Amp powering a pair of non-Sonos ceiling speakers. I would like to put additional speakers at the far end of the room.

For logistical reasons, running cables will be tricky, so I’m looking at the Era 100.

My question: Could I have a pair of Era 100, working as a true pair, in the same room as the Amp, and have everything play nicely?






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2 replies

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Hi Jim,

of course you can do so as that‘s the meaning of multiroom audio at all. 😎

Two Era100 can be set up as a stereo pair and will create another „room“ in your Sonos system. If you are going to group the existing room of the Sonos Amp setup together with the new room of the Eras, they play in perfect sync. You will be able to adjust volume of the „rooms“ (zones) both together or individually for each one. And if you maybe sometimes like to use just one of the „rooms“, simply ungroup them with a few clicks.

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Many thanks. I suspected it would work but wanted to check :)