iPhone lock screen controls

  • 3 April 2024
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I wrote to Sonos customer service and was told to start a thread because that was the only way to get a change implemented – getting the community to ask for it back. I was told that otherwise, nothing will change.

Please bring back lock screen controls to iPhone.

The sonos app is slow and has bad user experience, it requires way too many clicks for EVERY thing. Taking the ability to skip songs and change volume from my phone away makes this product a lot worse.

Please upvote if you’re having the same issue, as that seems to be the only way someone MIGHT listen to the feedback.

3 replies

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You need to put this topic on the Apple forums, they are the folks that forced the removal of this feature.

The lock screen controls are not coming back until Apple changes its policy which prevents the lock screen controls and/or hard buttons from controlling 3rd party hardware.  Nothing Sonos can do about it since Apple closed down the hack Sonos was using to get around that policy and threatened to remove Sonos from their app store for violating the rule. 

In short, your complaint is with Apple, not Sonos.

Thank you for replies – will take it over to Apple.