Ideal position for pair of Era 300 speakers for stereo 🎼

  • 9 December 2023
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I am getting deeper and deeper into the Sonos ecosystem. I now want a better speaker for stereo audio, and have decided on a pair of Era 300s.

I was wondering what the best placement for the speakers would be. In the old hifi days, the speakers would be at the height you would be, in listening position, slightly toed in, x cm from the wall, x cm from the corner etc. I know trueplay is designed  to compensate for poor placement, but if I start with the speakers as well placed as possible, there will be less work for trueplay to do, Thanks.

2 replies

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Sonos’ suggestions are here.

Meet these and then use classic placement rules.

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Agree… the Sonos guide is a good starting point … the classic equilateral triangle concept of speaker placment with respect to listening positions. However , TechHive has a full review on the ERA 300 as a pair with a sub and some interesting points on toeing in and suggested heights worth trying . 

As always … all these relate to individual situations and try yourself all options to get the most out of them. Definitely worth spending time to get them to sound their best .