Era100 no longer connects to my Spectrum Router

  • 30 March 2024
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I have several Sonos one speakers and 2 Era 100s.  They were all working fine.  I get a message that the Era speakers need an update and when I started the update I got Error Code 30.  I called support and they say that the Era speakers will not communicate with my Spectrum router.  But they used to work on this router until the update.  I’m about ready to return the speakers.  Any ideas on how to get them to work?


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5 replies

Spectrum routers are a bit quirky. I suggest that you contact SONOS support again. This time you may connect with a more capable agent.

I you want to work on your own, I suggest that you reboot the 100’s by removing power for about 30 seconds. A Factory reset of the 100’s may help, but this is not my first approach. Are the 100’s part of a surround Room? If so, reboot the soundbar. In any case do not Factory Reset any of the working units. If you Factory Reset the 100’s take care to add them to the existing system, do not accidentally setup a new system.

Thanks.  I’ve done the factory reset to the Era 100s a couple times.  They show up on my app - but it says needs update next to them and they don’t work.   If I start the update it says something went wrong and gives the Error 30 code.   I will try Sonos support again on Monday - it’s frustrating.

Please don’t factory reset your speakers. Effectively, you’re just erasing the data that Sonos can use to help you resolve this issue.

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You could try the steps here, sadly the last resort needs the Ethernet dongle that costs extra.

Thanks.  I currently have scheduled a call with Level 2 2 weeks!  If they can’t fix it...I’m sending the speakers back!  I already have a One speaker attached to the router….I really don’t want to go the dongle and ethernet route with these ERA speakers.