Era 100s as Pair with Sub mini. Sound stage slowly moves from left to right and back again?

  • 7 March 2024
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Hi, so I have the following set up in a small office. Pair of Era 100s with Sub mini.

I first noticed this sound stage issue when watching a film where the sound stage between the Era 100 pair was ‘moving’ from left to right, slowly and then back again. Its almost as if the stereo pair is trying to find the ‘centre’. If that doesn’t make sense imagine slowly sliding the ‘balance’ toggle from left to right and back again. Both speakers are outputting sound but the focal central point is moving.

Sound stage slowly moves from left to right and back again with music also. This odd behaviour doesn’t happen all the time and there doesn’t seem to be a consistency to it.

I must stress that it is subtle but noticeable.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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1 reply

It sounds like excessive clock/sync drift.

Unbond the pair and the Sub. Physically swap the two Era 100s. Rebond the pair and the Sub.

Does the problem recur?