Can’t listen to Spotify on two speakers and speakers appearing alternatley in system

  • 31 January 2023
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I have two One SL speakers (Living Room and Bedroom) and up until today have been able to listen to Spotify on both at the same time. Now all of a sudden I can only select one or the other. I can still listen on both speakers via the iPhone Music and Podcast apps, the problem is only with Spotify (a service you have to add - could this be part of the problem?)

I opened the Sonos app and only Living Room was showing in the system, and it couldn’t find Bedroom to add it. I messed around rebooting and connecting to another speaker in Spotify then noticed that my system was now showing Bedroom only, Living Room was gone. This has happened a few more times as I’ve gone through various troubleshooting methods (pressed the button on the back of the speaker, rebooted my router) - each speaker alternates showing in my system, and it doesn’t seem to to based on which is connected to Spotify. Right now I’m connected to Bedroom and it will play, but Living Room is the one showing in my system. 

Why could this be happening all of a sudden? I haven’t made any changes to my system or WiFI, however I did update the Spotify app yesterday. 



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Hi @Rosetti, welcome to the Sonos Community!

I’ve had a look into your account and can see that your speakers have split onto separate households, meaning they can’t communicate with each other. This only happens when Factory Resetting a speaker or upgrading a speaker from the S1 software to the S2 software. 

As the two speakers are on separate systems now, the way to resolve this would be to Factory Reset the missing speaker (if you’re currently connected to the Bedroom speaker, you’ll want to reset the Living Room speaker) and adding it to your system via the System tab in the app.

Once you have both speakers showing in the app, try playing to both of them via Spotify, this should resolve your issue.

I hope this information helps!